Simple Ways To Make Somewhere New Feel Like Home


From the moment my parents would let me I've always loved putting things up on the wall. When I was a teenager my bedroom was covered in pictures of Orlando Bloom and Lord Of The Rings movie posters. And at university, I would always put something up on the walls [even though we weren't supposed to] to make it feel like my own. So it's naturally something that I've carried on throughout my adult life. Now I'm a long way away from the days where I had Orlando Bloom all over my room but adding art that I love to my surroundings is something I know will make any place feel like my own. And as I've recently moved making somewhere really feel like home has been a big priority for me and here are some new art additions to our home, some beautiful posters from Desenio


When the guys over at Desenio got in touch with the offer to pick out some prints I was absolutely thrilled to discover an online store with an affordable, beautiful and extensive range of products to browse from. As well as a huge selection of prints to choose from they've also got really lovely frames on offer and poster hangers which I think are absolutely beautiful and are a little more of an unusual way to display your art. I gravitated towards the more minimal prints as I like to add in pops of colour with the likes of plants and throws. So keeping the walls as simple as possible is key for my living space but I still love having art work adorning the walls. My favourites have to be the simple illustrations and the botanical prints which remind of the Natural History Museum. The little coffee menu is the perfect addition to my office walls as well as the nod to beauty products with the patent lipsticks which I think is absolutely fascinating. 



  • Purchase some art work, you don't even have to nail it into the walls anymore as leaning is a big trend which makes it great for renters. 
  • Utilise personal trinkets and display them proudly. 
  • Don't be afraid to go for patterned bedding. White is lovely and cloud like but it can sometimes make you feel like you're living in a hotel. 
  • As well as patterned bedding throws and pillows are a great way to make an area not only feel cosier but a little more your style too. 
  • Candles or scent diffusers are a must of course. 
  • And if you're a book lover turn them into a feature inside of tucking them away into dusty shelves. 





- This post is in collaboration with Desenio and they've kindly provided me with a 25% off discount code. Use the code 'fromroses' from the 1st to 3rd August at the till and you'll receive some money off your order making them even more affordable! [not valid on handpicked/frames] -

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