9 Things I'm Going To Be Doing This August

Usually, I'm not one for monthly goals but after June & July being all over the place [in a good way]. I'm craving somewhat of a routine and having some goals in mind to work towards. I always love reading what other people are trying to achieve and work towards so here are 10 things that I'm going to be working towards this August;  


I go through a lot of stages with Instagram, sometimes I love it and sometimes I never want to use it again as it can be such a confusing platform. But I want to make more regular posts on there as photography will always be my first love and for such a long time it was my favourite social media platform. It's way too easy to get bogged down in the politics of it all and that sucks all the fun out of using the platform. 


I've been driving on my own for a couple of months now and slowly building up my confidence. But something I'm yet to do is drive on the motorway and I have to admit it does terrify me. And it's not so much driving at a high speed that scares me it's the getting on to the motorway that is the scary part but I know the longer I put it off than the more anxious I will become and put it off even more. So if you have any tips they would be greatly appreciated.


I blog pretty much daily anyway but sometimes I miss a day or two and I know when I stick to my daily rota I'm always much happier with the flow of my content. Blogging daily is certainly tough and not for everyone but it's something that I thrive on, although there is nothing wrong with having a day off every so often!


Since having Josie and my boyfriend being home for the Summer I've not been reading that much. But over the past few days, it's something that I've been doing more and more and I forgot just how happy it makes me. I used to read in a morning but as I've been starting my workday ridiculously early I'm trying to slot in some time to read before I go to sleep which helps my mind unwind. 


I've been vegetarian for over a year now but in August I want to try and minimise the amount of dairy in my diet. I'm slightly embarrassed about how much cheese I eat and it's never something that makes me feel amazing so just trying to minimise it is my aim for the month as well cutting down on the amount of sweets I'm eating. I'm currently trying to gain a little bit of weight back and I'm finding it ridiculously difficult but it shouldn't be a reason just to fill myself with rubbish.  


The past two months I've not been able to save as much as I would have liked well because moving and getting a dog has been two large expenses. So in August, I want to start saving again, it never has to be a huge amount but just a little bit makes all the difference and makes me feel happier too.


This isn't something I'm going to be attempting it's going to be something I'm definitely doing. My boyfriend starts touring again in a few days and it's been amazing having him back for so long but the guy has to work obviously so he'll be all over the world again soon enough. Which means it will just be me and Josie and I'm kinda excited to see how different my life will be from now on. 


I can't say the Summer has been the most productive season for me and it's ok that it hasn't been like that. I'm a big believer that life works in seasons and this season has brought a lot of change and adjustment for me[as well as working obviously, I've still got bills to pay]. But I'm craving getting back on top of my to-do list instead of just feeling like I'm treading water constantly.


There are still quite a lot of things at my dad's house that I'm yet to bring over so when I do that means I can finally have the chance to declutter properly. Mostly my beauty stash and the remainder of my clothes that I have over there will be what I cull. I'm way too excited about being able to get rid of stuff that I'm no longer getting the use out of and just keeping it around for a just incase moment. 

What are your goals for the month?