Skincare Storage Solutions

Skincare and body care is one of those really tricky things to find storage solutions for. For years, I just shoved it all into a drawer and never really cared too much for it. The more I got into interiors the more I cared about how my skincare was stored and how it was affecting my products. You would have thought that the bathroom was the best place for it, but that can damage your products. I've found a few ways that are not only aesthetically pleasing  but keep your products safe too.


One of my pet hates is plastic wrappers so I choose to store my cotton pads elsewhere. I go through them at a horrible rate as I use micellar water and toners on a daily basis. The easiest way I've found to store them is in tea light holders or old candle jars. This way you can upcycle something that you might have throw away otherwise. Getting wax out of jars is super simple, just pop the jar in the freezer and then dig it out the frozen wax and wash. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing to look at when stored this way but way more functional too. IKEA has so many items available that make perfect cotton pad holders. 


My bath was becoming overrun by hair and body products. One wrong move and an avalanche came crashing down. Enter these wire racks, now everything is on show (tucked away from the sun) which makes me get the most out of what I own. You have to be careful of these going rusty so make sure your products are dry before putting them back. Granted they're not the prettiest things on the market but you can store an awful lot in them. The one skincare item I store in the bathroom is my cleanser, everything else is stored elsewhere where it doesn't get too balmy. 


Like I said I don't like to keep my skincare in the bathroom because of the temperature and sunlight. It can really mess with your products and make them go off. So I tend to use the wide Muji draws inside the IKEA Helmer unit. This is meant for a home office, but it's absolutely perfect for beauty products that you want to keep out of the sun. You could use these compartments from Muji to create a neat system by catergory. 

How do you like to store your skincare?

R x

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