The Tools For A Perfect Lip

To achieve the perfect lip, it's not as easy as just slicking on your favourite lipstick. For years, I wondered why my application no matter how precise never looked as good as I would have liked. Turns out there is a lot of prep work involved and here are my tools for the perfect lip. 


Ever wondered why no matter how smooth your lips feel when lipstick is applied it still brings to light those pesky flakes of skin. A lip exfoliator like this one from Lush is key for a smooth finish. My favourite is the Mint Julips as who doesn't love using something that tastes like mint chocolate ice cream? It's a sugar scrub so if you so wish you can lick off the remains when you're done scrubbing away. This never feels too abrasive on the lips so they aren't sore and throbbing afterwards, just smooth and plump. If you don't fancy making a purchase you can always make your own, there are a ton of DIY's out there.


Although I normally go for a lipstick that has a hydrating formula I still always like to apply a balm before hand. It's the perfect follow-up after exfoliation. My all time favourite is the Nuxe Reve de Miel but I'm currently without that so I either go for the Lanolips 101 Ointment* or the Dior Creme de Rose. The Nuxe option is perfect because it leaves a slightly matte finish to the lips whilst the others are quite glossy so need a little while to sink in. 


Lipliner is really having its moment right now. For years, I went for a liner over traditional lipstick because I found it a lot easier to maintain. Lining your lips not only gives you a precise shape but it also makes a great base for whatever you apply on top. I've also found them perfect for colour correction, my natural lip colour is quite pigmented so I can find it interferes with lighter shades. My all time favourite liner comes from Lord & Berry*, it's so soft and creamy to apply and not at all drying which often comes with the territory of a liner. 


I'm not that gifted when it comes to lipstick application, much like colouring I'm rubbish at staying with the lines. I blame it on being a lefty. The easiest method I've found is to apply colour directly from the bullet and then use a brush to define the edges. I've been using the Zoeva 226 Smudger brush* because it has a square shape so you can easily get a precise finish. When it comes to a dark vampy matte lip I tend use a brush more as it's easier to have control. Non-traditional lipstick packaging like crayons is a complete winner with me, they're pretty fool proof to apply even when topping up on the go. 

What do you use to achieve the perfect lip?

R x

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