So, I Tried Period Pants


-post contains gifted items-

A while ago I wrote a post all about the areas of my life where I’m trying to be more sustainable and one of those areas was my period. A topic that I don’t discuss online as generally, I don’t feel like I have much to add to the conversation as I’m lucky with my cycle. However, it is part of my life where I felt like I could improve when it came to being kinder to the planet. And for my last two periods, I’ve been giving the Modibodi period underwear a try and this is how I’ve found it.


why period pants?

As of right now, there are so many different types of reusable sanitary products on the market which is brilliant as it’s giving people so much choice. When I was younger the choice was minimal and as a young teen, it can be overwhelming to know what's best for you. I’ve predominately used tampons and pads on and off in the 17 years that I’ve been getting my period and they’ve always suited me fine. Sometimes I’ve had issues with tampons being slightly uncomfortable and leaving me a little sore but it’s never been a big issue which is why I never thought about changing what I used until I realised the amount of plastic there is with these products. When thinking of switching to something reusable my first thought was to try to a menstrual cup but I’m not sure they’re for me. There’s just something in me that’s resisting that option even though my best friend swears by hers but something that I had always been curious about and felt a lot happier using were period pants. I still had my reservations like would they leak? would they be wet? would they get blood all over my clothes? would it be like wearing a nappy? And so, so many other thoughts ran through my mind but there was something about them that seemed like the best option for me so when Modibodi offered to send me a couple of pairs I jumped at the chance.


modibodi period pants (gifted)

Modibodi is a brand that specialises in underwear and they have a lot of different styles available for your different needs from periods to perspiration. I’ve been testing out the following styles from the brand;


Although these particular undies are from Modibodi aren’t designed for your period they are designed for sweat. I wear these to the gym as they’re seamfree which I love for underneath leggings and they are fantastic for wicking any moisture as I sweat a crazy amount when I run at the moment but when I wear these I’m dry and comfortable. I also wear these when I’m at the very end of my cycle which is when I can be prone to spotting and they’re the perfect option for those occasions. The style is my preferred cut of underwear in general, full coverage, seamfree and insanely comfortable.


These days I don’t have a particularly heavy flow, even on the first couple of days which is a far cry from what my period used to be when I was younger as I used to struggle a lot but now things are much easier to manage. I use this pair on my first day and they’re perfect alone but if you do struggle with heavy periods these could be used in conjunction with something else as they absorb blood so well. I was slightly concerned I would feel like I was wearing a nappy or an uncomfortable pad and even though you can feel the absorbent material it’s in no way irritating or uncomfortable. It’s not exactly like wearing normal underwear but it’s comfortable enough for me. I wore these happily all day and night without any leaking, by the morning there was a slightly damp feeling but it wasn’t bad at all and to be expected after nearly 24 hours wear. One of my big worries is that I might get blood on my bedding or clothes but there were no transfer issues which was a relief.

the drawbacks

  • Cost: These were the cheapest period pants that I have found by far as they can get incredibly pricey. The cost per use of this underwear as long as they are washed correctly should be fantastic but that initial investment is quite a lot, especially if you have a long cycle.

  • Washing: Unless you’re going to buy 5-7 pairs (which would be over £100) on these pants then you will have to wash them a lot to even wear them every other day and I’m not sure anybody wants to do that amount of washing.


would you try period pants?

-this post is NOT sponsored, I was sent these undies to give a try and I had a lot of thoughts that I thought might be of interest if you’re also trying to cut back on the amount plastic you’re using for your period-

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