Soothing Sunburn

Even if you're incredibly careful in the sun sometimes you can still get burnt. And as the weather is that little bit warmer even over here in the UK it's prime scorched skin season. I'm sure we've all experienced sunburn at some point and it's horribly uncomfortable to deal with. So here is my current favourite beauty edit to deal with sizzled skin. 


MALIN & GOETZ SPF 30*: Choosing a good facial SPF is key in the warmer months can be tough. Whilst in the Winter I tend to let my foundation and moisturisers give me the protection I need. In the summer, I like to use a product purely dedicated to protecting your complexion against the sun. In the past, I've found that facial SPFS can be sticky, heavy and lead to breakouts. But this product from Malin & Goetz feels incredibly lightweight and adds just a small amount of moisture to the skin. Which is vital when you're already feeling the heat. 


H20: When you've caught too much of the sun upping your water intake is so important. Replenishing all the moisture levels that the sun has sucked away deep will help the skin not only feel better but will ease the sting slightly. On really terrible patches of sunburn applying a cold compress is also a big help and can decrease the chances of blistering and scabbing. 

DR JART WATER MAX SLEEPING MASK*: Often overnight hydrating masks can be incredibly heavy and problematic for oily complexions. But this lightweight gel mask from Dr Jart provides the skin with a huge boost of moisture. As well as aiding the complexion in repairing any damage that has been caused by either the sun or other skin issues. The gel formulation means it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and is one of the only overnight mask options that I've found can be used on a regular basis. As it doesn't disrupt the balance of the skin and cause extra oil to be produced. It's one of those skincare items that you only need to use it once to notice a difference and get that instant gratification. 

GARNIER ULTIMATE BLENDS LOTION: When you're suffering from sunburn all you probably want to do is smother yourself in a hydrating lotion to help replenish the skin. But no-one wants to feel like they can't sit down anywhere or that they could slide around the house. So finding a product that offers up that hydration whilst still having the capability of repairing parched skin and being lightweight can be tough to find especially at a budget price point. The combination of the oat milk and almond oil in this new lotion from Garnier makes your limbs feel incredibly soft and any scorched areas instantly feel soothed. 


PIXI MAKEUP SETTING MIST*: Items like this aren't a staple or a necessity but when your skin feels parched they're awesome. This mist, in particular, is great at keeping the complexion feeling cool and helps it to stay balanced. Which when you're dealing with burnt skin and you're trying to apply makeup on a sore complexion is key. Whilst I still don't think it will help makeup stay on any longer the way that it makes you products sit  is where this item really shines. And even if you're not applying any makeup you can use it throughout the day to give your complexion a quick moisturising mist.  

1001 REMEDIES MAGIC SKIN*: This is a product that if you suffer from breakouts or have deep set scars I can't recommend enough. It's a topical gel treatment that helps to repair the skin from deep within and it's one that you can notice a big difference from in a small amount of time. And even though it's aimed towards blemish prone skin it works equally well with sunburn and other skin ailments like bruises or rashes. It's a pricey product but as you only need to apply a small amount to the affected areas it's got a great cost per use ratio. 

What products do you like to use on sunburn?

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