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Normally I don't pay attention to the seasons when it comes to what fragrances I wear but this year feels a little different. I'm finding myself drawn to incredibly fresh scents that have a little hint of musk and I can't seem to get enough of them. So I've tucked away my deep almost man like musky fragrances and embraced the fresher scents for this summer. 

DIOR POISON GIRL*: I'm not overly familiar with Dior scents but after having a sampler set of all their classic scents years ago Poison was by far my favourite. They recently released Dior Poison Girl which is a 'younger' twist on the original and contains top notes of orange and rose. I love how it's still got that hint of heaviness whilst being more of fresh fragrance with the addition of those fruity notes. It's one of those scents that sticks around all day and even in the summer heat, you can still trace it on your skin hours after you've first applied it. 

JO MALONE PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE: I seem to be mentioning this perfume a lot recently but it's just so beautiful. It's one of the most hyped up Jo Malone scents but it's well deserving of the buzz. It's the epitome of a summer fragrance as it's almost fizzy and has an incredibly fresh sharp edge to it. The blush suede [whatever that is] gives it that little hint of musk though which I find creates a perfect balance between the two. As with all Jo Malone scents, it's absolutely perfect for layering and I've found it works particularly well with Blackberry & Bay. 

MILLER HAIR ÉTUI NOIR*: Miller Harris recently released two new fragrances, a day and night time variance of each other. The daytime edition hasn't done much for me but I'm smitten with the PM perfume. It's the least fruity offering out of all the fragrances I've got to share with you today but it does have a top note of tangerine. I find it to be woody without being too heavy or wintery. Miller Harris fragrances are incredibly expensive but as they're so heavily scented you only need to spray very little to have it on your skin all day. 

MOLECULE O2*: This is the sister fragrance to the cult scent Molecule 02 which is the follow up to classic Molecule 01. It's incredibly fresh and it reminds of a Gin & Tonic, in the best way possible. It reminds me a little of Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede as it has that fizzy aspect to it. It's unlike the original as it contains more that one scent molecule. The science behind these fragrances is incredibly clever and worth reading into if you're interested how these perfumes are formulated. Science aside it's a beautiful scent and unlike anything else I've got in my collection. It's a total summer fragrance without the inclusion of the traditional scents you'd associate with the season. 

CHLOÉ DE ROSES*: The original Chloé fragrance is one of my all time favourite scents, it's so distinctive and a total signature perfume. But I find it a little too heavy for the warmer months as it's incredibly musky but with the combination of rose it totally transforms it into something that's undeniably summer appropriate. Rose can often be a tricky scent to get right as it can be too heavy or errs on the side of an old lady. And for that reason, a lot of people steer clear of anything rose scented but I find this has the perfect combination of rose and white musk. 

PACO RABANNE OLYMPEA PERFUME*: Considering how much I adore anything vanilla this is the only fragrance that has strong top notes of the scent. However, it's spiced vanilla so it's got more of a woody pang. Whilst still being incredibly sweet and feminine with strong floral highlights. Typically I wouldn't gravitate toward Paco Rabanne as my fragrance tastes have changed a huge amount since my Lady Million days. But I find this does have a slightly more mature edge to it and the art deco style packaging with touches of rose gold is beautiful. 

What perfumes will you be wearing this summer?

R x

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