Spring Style Purchases, Transitional Outfits and A Chat About Personal Style

Style and I are having a real moment right now which I'm thoroughly enjoying. It's been a while since I've felt truly excited about style and just dressed for what was suitable and what I felt kind of good in, but this year I've felt a shift and I've really enjoyed not only styling myself but consuming more style content too. As I'm trying to be more conscious about what I'm purchasing as well as not having a huge budget I'm by no means purchasing myself a new wardrobe but there are a couple of things that I've loved picking up as well as one big purchase that I've been contemplating for a while. So here are the outfits that I've been wearing going into Spring, some new wardrobe additions and just a general chit chat about style.


For year and years, I've wanted a pair of Sperry boat shoes but I could never justify the price to myself. But after hunting down a pair in T K Maxx for a mere £13 I couldn't resist. They're a grey with a white and navy trim and for day to day wear, especially for walking Bella in the S/S they're ideal. A while ago the whole boat shoe thing was really in style and I'm not sure it's that on trend anymore but I still love them. Typically I wear my trainers day to day for just running around but sometimes they can look a little too casual so these are the perfect in-between.


For a couple of years now I've been toying with the idea of buying a Barbour jacket but spending that much money on a coat made me feel a little sick. I've never spent that much money on a clothing piece as I've always had to prioritise other things over anything that wasn't 100% necessary. But after a good months work wise I finally felt ready to make the investment and it also felt like a good point to get one. In January I picked up a green Regatta coat [I featured it in this post] that is absolutely perfect in the colder seasons because it's wind and waterproof which is amazing but it also means that it's not great to transition into Spring with. In my everyday life I'm not going to meetings or anywhere that really warrants a smart coat and I already have a few options in my wardrobe for those events. So I knew I wanted a coat that still looked beautiful as well as being practical and that is what a Barbour is for me. After thinking long and hard and really making sure I was ok to make such a big purchase, I trotted off to John Lewis and tried on the various styles to make sure I knew what I wanted and ended up finding the style I wanted online reduced. I'm thrilled with my purchase and even though it was a huge amount of money to me I'm so glad that I've finally made the investment. I got the Aeonium style which is the classic style apart from that it has a hood and for something that I'm going to use daily I need it to have the option of a hood. 


A striped Breton has been a staple in my wardrobe for a long time, we all know this. And because they're such a necessity to me and my wardrobe I purchase a new one a couple of times a year. This Spring I picked one up from Joules, I saw this red and navy striped Breton in Autumn but as it has 3/4 sleeves it wouldn't have been the most practical purchase back then. But as it's meant to be a little warmer I thought it would be great for Spring/Summer. I love Joules Breton's they're always so thick and weighty and the way that they fall on my body is perfect and something I can throw on and know I'll feel good in. 


Typically I don't get something I'm going to wear day to day from such an expensive store as Whistles. But after seeing this jumper which I'd been lusting after for months in the sale and in my size I knew I should pick it up. Anything from Whistles is an investment to me because they're pricey but I know I'm going to get my wear out of them. Buying a jumper when we're going into the warmer months might seem a little odd to some but I live in the UK and you always need a sweater close by because even the summer we can have pretty cold days. The sweatshirts from Whistles are a blogger cliche but it's because they're so so lovely and they last well. And I can't deny that the W did suck me in even though I know it's for Whistles I like to think it's for my last name.









I've never been one for trends really, apart from when I was a teenager which I think is pretty normal for that stage in your life where you don't know what's going on. But as the years have progressed I've definitely found my feet when it comes to what I truly enjoy wearing rather than being told what I should be putting on my body. It's something that's ever-changing and evolving which is awesome and as of right now I feel like I've really found what feels good. Which is probably what's sparked this whole new found love for style and clothes, I'm not concerning myself with what's cool or considered on trend and just dressing for me. Getting dressed on a daily basis and feeling really good about what I'm putting on is a great feeling as it's not something I've felt for a while so I'm embracing it. I've written a whole post about personal style which you can find >> here

What style pieces are you loving this month?

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