Let's Talk...Anti-Ageing

Something I've wanted to write about for a while is anti-ageing skincare but I've never known where to start with the whole thing. At nearly 27 I can't deny that it's been on my mind lately and some people may scoff that I'm far too young to be thinking about it but in my mind prevention [as much as possible] is better than trying to get my skin back into shape when it's gone past the point of no return. Today's beauty post isn't so much about products but it's more an open forum to talk about anti-ageing, where you stand on it and what do you really recommend.


If there is one thing I'm certain about when it comes to this entire subject is that changing your whole routine when you reach a certain age and only buying anti-ageing products is not something I subscribe to it. Having a good solid skincare routine that works for your skin, your budget and your lifestyle is something that I believe is important and it's something that is fluid and something that you're naturally going to change as you get older as your skin will need different things. There is a lot of pressure on women to get rid of getting any signs of older and I don't prescribe to that at all, it's just what happens we're not going to look like teenagers forever and that's not something that should be ignored or something to be embarrassed about. Men are so often praised for looking amazing for getting older whilst women are made to feel like they need to look like a 20-year-old in their fifties. 


At nearly 27, I'm still pretty young but I am approaching my thirties and as the blogging world is bursting with young people in their twenties it is something that crosses my mind every so often. When I write about skin care I don't know what it's like to deal with tempremental teenage skin even though I'm well experienced in the acne in your twenties stakes. Over the past year or so I have noticed my body and skin start to change and it's weirdly quite comforting, it doesn't scare me or make me want to slather on anti-ageing products. In fact, it's made me appreciate my body a little more which I know isn't a feeling everyone shares. There are a few wrinkles and laugh lines coming in and when I first started to notice them I was a little concerned but I've just had to accept that they're part of my complexion now and I try not to focus on them too much. 

Getting old isn't ever something that I've generally put much thought on but it's not something I want to be scared of anymore. Because as silly or cliche as it might sound I'm really grateful that my body is allowing me to get older and go through life because not everyone is able to do that. I warned you it might sound slightly ridiculous but it's something I'm incredibly grateful for and not enough focus is put on that. 


The anti-ageing part of the beauty world is worth an incredible amount and a silly amount of money is poured into it each year and they want us to lap it up. The beauty business wants us to fear ageing and try and act like it's not going to happen but it, of course, is and unless you want to start investing in cosmetic surgery I truly don't believe that any skincare product is going to stop nature taking its course. There is a lot of marketing jargon to wade through when it comes to the world of anti-ageing products and mostly I think it's complete rubbish. There are no products that going to fill in your wrinkles and give you baby skin once again, it's just not going to happen.


I think the biggest question when it comes to the whole anti-ageing thing is when do you really start using it? Some people say that you must make a start by age 25 and go from there but at that point of my life I was still dealing with regular-ish breakouts but at nearly 27 I am making more of a conscious effort. And it's just with small things like making sure I'm moisturising properly, not using anything too stripping, using eye cream, using SPF and generally just taking better care of my skin.



The first area that I noticed ageing on my skin was laugh lines and I distinctly remember the day that I applied foundation and it just sat in those lines horribly. And as it was the first place I noticed ageing it did bother me for a little while but if there are any wrinkles to get that are for a good reason it's a laugh line.


Having eye bags is just part of adulthood I've discovered, it doesn't matter how much sleep I get the eye bags are still there. And I'm only just starting to notice lines starting to develop in that area so I have made a really conscious effort to start using eye cream. I'm not sure how much that is helping with the lines but it is generally helping with the appearance of the area as well as being a great feeling too as so often my eyes can feel incredibly strained and puffy and having that boost of moisture feels awesome. 




I know that when I write about my skincare routine and the products that I love that things tend to wrack up in price. Although generally I try and sit in the middle of the price range, even if I am being sent a product for review I like it to be something that I can afford to buy myself if I do happen to like it. But there are some things that I do every single day that don't cost a penny and they really help with the general upkeep of my appearance and keep things in check;

  • Keep on top of moisture. 
  • Cleaning my phone screen.
  • Not using a routine that is too complex. 
  • Staying away from anything too stripping. 
  • Washing my face AM & PM no matter what. 
  • Drinking enough water. 
  • Changing my pillowcases regulary.
  • Washing my makeup brushes.

What are your thoughts on anti-ageing?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty