S/S Capsule Wardrobe Plans


Yes, it's spring and yes the weather is pretty abysmal right now and yes it really is putting a dampener on my spring spirits but I've waited weeks to be able to write this post and I cannot wait any longer. It's been a good while since I discussed the whole capsule wardrobe thing. But I've still been maintaining my version of it and I've been so excited to make some changes to my style options as quite frankly I've had enough of winter layers and need to know that I might be able to wear my beautiful midi dresses for more than one day a month. So here is everything I'm changing up for S/S from the clothes I want to purchase to what I'll be keeping my rail from A/W and finally a new clothing rail I'm obsessed with. 


a new storage solution 

My old IKEA rail had been struggling for a while, it was pretty cheap and we bought it in a pinch. It was swaying side to side so I really needed to replace it. I'd hunted for a while to find something that was not only well designed but was sturdy too and when I came across this from Argos I went out and bought it immediately. It's not only really lovely in terms of design but the quality is outstanding and super study. It has a place for my favourite shoes of the moment to live as well handy little knobs to hang handbags off as I do struggle to know where is best to keep them.


Some people tend to switch all of their clothes over when the seasons change but I like to keep a few staple pieces in my wardrobe all year. This was a change that happened when I stopped purchasing so much fast fashion and decided to buy more long-lasting pieces that could see me through many seasons rather than just one as it's so wasteful. Obviously living in the UK means you do reach for your cooler weather clothes more than most but anyway, here are the pieces that I will be keeping my A/W wardrobe; 

  • Barbour coat: Hands down one of the best purchases that I ever made for my wardrobe and the most expensive too. I absolutely adore my Barbour jacket as I can wear it for dogs walks but I can also wear it into town and not feel like I've not made an effort. It's amazing in the UK's warmer months as it keeps you comfortably warm as well completely dry in unpredictable rain showers but as it's really breathable you don't end up overheating.
  • Striped Breton's: Of course, my beloved Breton's see me through all the seasons but I love them even more in the warmer months. As not only can I get away with just wearing them with shorts but they make a wonderful layering piece with jeans if it's a little chillier. They really are my favourite wardrobe piece as they're so versatile, look chic but are incredibly practical too.
  • Winter leggings: With an oversized t-shirt for lazy days around the house and going on dogs walks I always reach for a good pair of leggings no matter what the season. 
  • Sweatshirt: When you live in the UK you always need some sort of jumper close by and sweatshirts are the perfect transitional piece. Paired with denim shorts for warm evenings they're ideal for layering and taking the chill away from a camisole or t-shirt.
  • Ankle boots: My Chelsea boots and thick lined boots that saw me through winter are tucked away now but my little TOMS ankle boots* are the perfect summer essential for when it's still ankle boot weather but you don't need a huge amount of warmth. They're really low on the ankle too which is something I find incredibly flattering as often I can find ankle boots cut me off at a funny point of the leg.


Ever since I started the whole mindful shopping thing and began creating a more well-considered wardrobe something that I've done is at the beginning of each season is made sure that I've planned out what I want to buy. I find by doing this I'm less likely to mindless shop and buy things that I really don't need, so here are all things I want to add to my wardrobe this season;

  • Black Dungarees: As I fell in love with pinafores a couple of years ago I think I'm finally brave enough to try out dungarees. Not only do they look super cute and comfortable but I think they'd be perfect for dog walks as they've got so many pockets and they're a match made in heaven for a Breton!
  • Blush Pink Shopper Bag: I'm a sucker for a tote bag, even though I generally carry less these days and for dog walks I've always got a backpack when I do need to carry more I love a good tote. My black one has bitten the dust so now I'm just down to the cloth ones and my tan one so a lovely blush pink would be a great warm weather addition.
  • High Waisted Shorts: Wearing shorts always makes me feel a little nervous as I'm not all that confident with my lower body but I want to try and embrace different short styles this season and think I might for something a little more high waisted. They'll be perfect for cami's and Breton's with an oversized cardigan draped over when it gets chilly in an evening.
  • Black Hunter Wellies: I've been a loyal Hunter welly wearer for 6 years now and they're one of the best wardrobe purchases I ever made. I always feel slightly smug that I found them in an outlet for a mere £30. I'd really like to purchase another pair in a darker colour as mine are bright blue and well, I'm all about the dark colours...
  • Whistles Sweater: These well-loved sweatshirts from Whistles are always a blogger favourite and it's not hard to see why. I've already got one in my wardrobe that I wear constantly and because I know they last amazingly well I'd like to purchase another one. It's rare I wear slogans but I cannot resist these beautiful sweatshirts and like I said, you always need one in the UK. 

What are you looking forward to wearing this S/S?