7 Awesome Things From April


Well, April was not the month I had expected at all but it was a really lovely 30 days. And it seemed to last forever and go by at the speed of light all at the same time, which is I guess is the best thing really as I hate when the months just whizz by. We had a lot of rain and a little mini-heatwave which let's face it may well be our British summer and here are all the awesome things that happened in April.


Of course, I had to start my post off by talking about the new addition to the family. The little blue love of my life who has my made my family unit feel complete. When we got Josie she made our house feel like a home and now Edie has completed us. Soon into getting Josie I always knew that we would get another whippet but it was just about timing. I've written before that Josie was not the easiest pup and she still isn't. However, whilst she was still young to want to play and zoom around with another dog I knew it was the best timing for us. I also knew that I wanted to try really hard to rehome if it was an option for us as we weren't able to the first time. Rescuing a dog isn't always as easy as it's made out to be, especially when you have particular circumstances like we did. We were finding often young sighthounds couldn't live another dog which obviously wasn't an option for us. Still, I searched daily on about 10 websites to see if there was a dog that might be a good match for us and then up popped Edie. A private ad from someone who had some incredibly sad things going on in his life meaning he wasn't able to have a puppy anymore. So off we went up to Northern Manchester to meet her and took her home within 20 minutes. Her and Josie have developed the most incredible relationship already and it's completely changed Josie, she's so much calmer and has almost taken on a motherly role. I feel so lucky that I was able to give Edie a home when she needed it and give Josie that companionship we couldn't give her. There is a good reason why you mostly see more than one sighthound together, they really do thrive amongst their own. Also, if you want to you can follow the girls on Instagram



I have waited so long to be able to wear my midi dresses and with the mini heatwave that came our way my prayers were finally answered. I spoke about my rocky body confidence in Monday's post. But that doesn't take away from the fact I really love warm weather dressing. When I pulled on this midi dress from Topshop I felt so good about myself and it's one of the comfiest clothing pieces I own. These dresses are not current season but you can find them on eBay or Depop! Now if that blissful weather could return to us that would be wonderful...


Something that I've not mentioned online is that I've upgraded my laptop. I've got a wonderful desktop but I don't always get to sit at my desk to work so a laptop is integral to work my workflow. My MacBook Air was something that I had used every single day, all day for four years so there was no surprise it was really past it's best. Before it had a complete meltdown and I was left crying in the Apple shop I decided to upgrade back to a MacBook Pro but this time I went for a 15inch and most importantly a retina screen. Something that I've coveted for years and it's made editing photographs an absolute dream as well as giving me a much idea of the quality of my website and images.


April saw my year anniversary of passing my driving test and in that time my relationship with driving has changed so much. Not only do I actually enjoy driving but slowly and surely my driving anxiety has lifted and I no longer fear driving to my dad's. It's such a relief to finally have this relationship with getting in my car and this year I really want to work on my confidence with driving on dual carriageways and motorways as I feel pretty confident in towns and cities at this point. Probably the biggest change for me was getting my own car, not only was it a necessity as my boyfriend and I could no longer share a car but it also made me feel much more confident in myself. Finding a car that really suited me and I felt comfortable driving was such a big thing and I absolutely adore my little Fiat 500.

A new family portrait 

When an e-mail from the amazing illustrator Jessica Woodhouse arrived in my inbox asking if she could illustrate my family I was so excited and it was something that I'd pondered getting done for a while. I shared some pictures and she came back to me with an outline and I was absolutely flawed by what she had created, the 3 loves of my life framed perfectly in eucalyptus. My boyfriend and I don't have a tonne of pictures of us together so this is such a nice way to celebrate our family and properly welcome little Edie of course, as the pups are the biggest part of our family and have made us so much closer. I'm so excited to either put it up around my desk area or add to my gallery wall. 

The Great British Bake Off being put onto Netflix

I'm not too much of a things on tv watcher, I'm much more of a Netflix girl. But something I do watch every single year without fail is The Great British Bake Off and it's one of my boyfriend and I's favourite traditions that we've had since we started going out. So when all of the seasons were put onto Netflix I was pretty excited about it as I never watched the early seasons and of course wanted to watch things like the Baked Alaska massacre and CustardGate again. The early seasons are so weird in comparison to the show now and it definitely changed for the better but it still has that Bake Off charm that we've all come to know and love. And of course, you cannot watch Bake Off without some sort of snack to go with it. 

My favourite blog posts from The month

I rarely go back and share old blog posts of mine so I thought I would round up some of my favourite posts that I created in April incase you missed them! 

What did you enjoy in April?