Staying On Top Of Everything When Life Gets Super Busy


Even though the majority of us will be taking time off over Christmas that doesn't always mean life slows down, in fact, it's probably the busiest season for all of us. Keeping on top of everything that you want to do can be difficult but there are a few ways to keep off it all without driving yourself into the ground. 


Let's be honest, we're not superheroes and there is no way we can fit everything into 24 hours. It's important to prioritise the things that are the most important to you and to always make sure that you have the time for them. I go by the rule that if I can do it all year round then that can go to the bottom of the list and the things that only come up every so often goes straight to the top. For example, many of us only see our loved ones a couple of times a year so it's important to prioritise quality time with them. 


If there is ever a time to utilise your diary and calendar then it's now. Once you know your schedule you can fit in any social occasions around each other without running the risk of double booking yourself. If you don't fancy carrying around a physical diary then utilise your phone calendar as then you will know instantly what you have going on. 


My life would be totally chaotic if I didn't write a daily list. I write one for work, general and any social occasions. I realise this might sound a little extreme but it helps me stay on track for the day so nothing gets forgotten. If I've got a really busy day then I like to organise my lists into time slots so that tasks don't overrun or overlap with other things. This might all sound a little pedantic but it helps so much when you're super busy. 


As much as we like to think that we can plan for every eventuality. It's not possible to do that so it's always advisable to leave room for error. Leaving wiggle room for unforeseen circumstances is important, it's a good habit to get into even life isn't it crazy busy either. It's always better for have more time than to have too little as that just leads to more stress and worry. 

How do you stay on top of everything when life feels crazy?

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