Staying On Top Of Your Beauty Stash When You're A Beauty Junkie

Some people like to collect stamps or coins and some people like to collect lipstick and nail varnish. We all have our vices in life don't we? However, the problem with being a beauty collector is that those beautiful products have a shelf life. So it's important to make the most out of what you've spent your hard-earned pennies on. Here is a little guide to making the most out of what you have when you're a total beauty junkie. 


When I first started to get into beauty products I never thought that they would have a shelf life. Which looking back was silly as nothing can last forever. I have a general rule that I go by when it comes to beauty and that's if it smells and looks ok then it's safe. I also think if you're the only one who ever uses your products and no-one else. Then you can push the time scales a little further, here are the recommended use by dates to go by; 


Cleansers = 1 year to 18 months

Toners = 1 year 

Moisturisers and serums = 1 year 

Lip balms = 1 year 


Mascara, gel and liquid liners = 6-8 months 

Liquid or cream foundations and concealer = 1 to 18 months

Any powder products = 2-3 years 

Lipstick or lip liners = 2-3 years 

toss or donate

There is nothing more disappointing than discovering that you don't like a product and feeling like you've wasted your money. However, there is no need to throw it away as these items can either be donated to a friend or to a charity. There are so many amazing charity's out there that could always do with so much more help. And if you're a beauty blogger and lucky enough to receive a lot of press samples distribute the products that you know that you will never use amongst your friends. It's always better to give a product to someone who will get lots of use out of it then it going unloved and taking space up in your collection.  


I'm a big creature of habit and I can often find myself only using a set amount of products and letting far too many items going unloved. So rotating your products on a regular basis is a great habit to get into. I find once a week is good as it allows you to get a solid 7 days of using a product before you move onto something new. It also means that you're making the most out of everything that you use. However one product that I don't like to rotate once I've opened up a fresh one. Is mascara as it's got such a short shelf-life that you want to make the most out of it before it needs tossing. 


When you own a lot of beauty products it's all too easy for things to get out of hand. And everyone has their own ideals when it comes down to how they store their beauty stash. I personally like to mix it up between my dressing table and IKEA filing cabinet and then any bathroom only items are kept in a separate room. By having a fluid and easy to use system it stops products become lost so easily, pushed to the back never to be seen again until months later. 

How do you stay on top of your beauty stash?

R x

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