The Skin Hydrators

Having a hydrating step in my skincare routine isn't something I ever thought I'd need. As my skin leans typically towards the more oily side of proceedings I stupidly presumed that it didn't need any more moisture. However my complexion is dehydrated so it does need that extra hydration, but not anything too heavy that's going to tip it over the edge and turn me into a slippery greasy mess. Here are my favourite serums that hydrate the skin wonderfully and keep my complexion happily balanced. 


PIXI H20 SKIN DRINK GEL*: This product from Pixi is completely fuss free. It does exactly what it says on the label, it really is a skin drink. The consistency is almost like water as it feels incredibly light on the skin but don't let that fool you as it hydrates within seconds. It sinks in quickly so you're never left with that tacky almost sticky feeling that some hydrating serums can have. With ingredients like aloe vera and rosemary, parched summer skin will thank you for their kind care giving properties. 


HYASOFT INSTANT MOISTURE BOOST*: If you're familiar with the cult classic product Hydraluron this new release from The Hero Project is incredibly similar and feels exactly the same on the skin. Jam packed full of hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5 which add an instant boost of moisture to even the most dehydrated complexions. It can be used alone as a moisturiser or underneath other products for an intense hydration sandwich. 

ANTIPODES HOSANNA H20 SERUM*: This is a hydrating serum with a twist as it helps skin to stimulate collagen which in return makes the skin look plump and healthy. It's incredibly lightweight in consistency as it's formulated with water so when applied a little goes a long way. As the texture is so light you don't need to wait long before applying either your makeup or the final steps of your skin care routine. However, the only negative thing I have to say about this serum is the smell. Some people absolutely adore it but for me, it verges on baby vomit which isn't a pleasant smell in products you apply to your face. 

CLINIQUE TURNAROUND REVITALISING OIL: Using an oil on oily skin might make you want you turn away and run in fear. But this wonderful product from Clinique is beautiful and doesn't disrupt the balance of the skin at all. The revitalising properties make light work of smoothing out the complexion and helping diminish any scarring left over from breakouts and speeding along the healing process of anything that's active. As well as keeping on top of any hydration issues. For such a beautiful oil it stands at a reasonable price point as they can often rack up in price and become totally unobtainable. 

PIXI HYDRATING MILKY SERUM*: Unlike the previous product from Pixi this a typical serum in its consistency. The silky and milky texture makes it a complete treat to the skin and it sinks in quickly which is a must when it comes to hydrating products. As who has the time to wait around for them to sink in? It's jam packed full of lovely ingredients like rose flower extract, jojoba oil and aloe vera. The only downside to this product is that the way it's packaged. The pipette dispenser makes it pretty much impossible to dispense properly. Which often ends up with the product being wasted which isn't what anyone wants in a beauty item. If it was packaged with a pump then it's something that I'd suggest to anyone as it's such a beautiful product. 

OSKIA RESTORATION OIL*: The price point of this oil is at the high end of the high-end price spectrum. So it's not something that I'd recommend to someone unless they had a lot of money to allow them to spend it on such an item. However if your skin not only struggles with dehydration issues but is generally stressed and sore it's a beautiful product. It not only plumps up the complexion but I've found it amazing for helping clear up any active blemishes or diminish any scarring left over from old breakouts. Even if you don't use this daily and only apply it every few days as a skin treat it brings out visible results. 

What are your favourite hydrating serums/oils?

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