Styling Short Hair & Why I Got It All Chopped Off


You may have noticed that my hair is quite a lot shorter than it used to be. I've been gradually going shorter since the end of 2016 and finally took the plunge to cut it shorter than it has been in years and I was so ready for it. For some, they might just think it's hair why is it such a big deal? But my hair has always been such a big part of my appearance and the thing that's either made my confidence skyrocket or plummet.  I'd been growing my hair for years, I'd always wanted long effortless tresses that were fuss-free but could still look good even when they weren't styled. But looking back once my hair got to a certain length I had to admit that long hair just wasn't something that worked that well for me, so I decided to give up on the dream. I cut it off in stages, gradually going shorter to where we are now. I often get asked what I use on my hair, as we all probably know at this point I have very fine thinnish hair so making it look full and voluminous is quite the task but here is how I do it and get those waves. 


the cut

I'm currently getting my hair cut at Y K Hair & Beauty Nottingham by a lovely guy called Niall. For the next year I'm having my hair done over there as part of their Matrix blogger match so just out of transparency I wanted to make it clear that my hair is being cut for free but I have no obligation to share it. I just loved what they did to my hair so much that I wanted to share where I got it done and since it's now my most popular photograph on Instagram to date it would seem you guys really do like it. Anyway, the cut of my hair is a textured bob with a few long layers in it to create more volume. I can't deny that I miss being able to tie my hair up but having short hair is so much easier to deal with and I'm not nearly blinded by it on a daily basis.

MINIMAL WASHING & the double wash

For quite a while now I've been working towards washing my hair less and less and now I only wash it every 4 days. Minimal washing is something that is encouraged by the vast majority of people but it's easier said than done. The process of building your hair up between washes is pretty grim but it is possible and I've found it so beneficial for the condition my hair. And of course, when it comes to styling it on the second and third day it's so much easier and you can really achieve that lived in look. I've also found the way that I wash my hair has become super important too, whenever you use any type of styling product it's easy to acquire build up so either something that is clarifying [not amazing if you have coloured hair]. Or the double wash with your regular shampoo works wonders, especially if you want to achieve that extra volume.

SPRAY, SERUM and air-drying

When I've completed my double wash with whatever products I'm using at the time then I like to keep things simple when it comes to leave in products. Before I've always gone in quite heavy but as I don't have damaged hair then my tresses don't really need it. I'll spray something that can add texture and grit to the roots and mid-lengths and then something hydrating through the ends. I'm so wary of spraying anything like an oil or leave in conditioner anywhere near my roots as it will obviously make things become a little weighed down where I need the lift. Typically I wash my hair in the evening meaning I can allow my hair dry and avoid any unnecessary heat on it but if I have to blowdry it I will always flick my head over. A new trick I've learnt at the moment when air drying is to lift up the top third of my hair and use a clip to give it some lift. It gives me so much more volume at my root as it dries lifted, so simple but it really does work wonders.

favourite shampoo's, sprays and serums

Curling & STYLING

Probably the number one question I get about my hair is how I curl it and achieve those 'effortless' waves. Let's be real, we all know there is a lot of effort that goes into any style like to make it look undone and you have to spend a good amount of time on it. I use a travel curler from Toni and Guy, the smaller the better when you have short hair [in length not width]. And I curl the front sections of my hair away from my face and then go in alternating directions, I grab random sections of hair and always leave the end of out of the curler to make sure they don't turn into ringlets. I set the curls with hairspray and leave them a while, finally brushing through with a wide-toothed brush or comb. The key is to brush them through in order for them to get that soft lived in look. I also always make sure that I section my hair into two parts, the bottom layer is always bigger so the curls are a little bigger. Then the top layer is where I add the lift and over curl slightly. I find doing this helps create more texture in the long run and achieves more volume. 

texture sprays

And finally, where would I be without my beloved texture sprays? The final and one of the most important steps in my hair care routine. In general, I can get a pretty good bounce and lift from my shampoo and leave in spray but to really give my hair a lot of volume then I need a texture spray. There are so many options to reach for and personally, I don't like anything that is too drying as it doesn't make my hair feel too nice in the long run. From the high street to the luxury brands you can find something that suits your hair and your budget. As well as a good texture spray, I'll link my favourites that give you lift without the crunch I've also been getting back into hairspray. Before I never really bothered with it but the Davines Strong Hold hairspray* is incredible for giving the hair hold but when you want it gone it brushes straight out and doesn't leave any residue. 


texture sprays, CURLER and brushes USED


Are you a short hair lover? What are your favourite products to achieve volume?

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