The Podcasts That I Can't Get Enough Of


A question that often comes up in the comment section of this blog is what my favourite podcasts are. I do mention them quite a lot and over the years they've become such a big part of my day. Working from home, alone is quite a lonely affair so I love to have a podcast on when I work but also when I'm pottering doing the cleaning or even walking my dog. My taste in podcasts varies from fun entertaining episodes to ones that are a little more serious and dig into thought-provoking topics and here are a few of my favourites that I'll always give a listen. 


at home with

Anna Newton & Lily Pebbles, both long-term beauty bloggers and vloggers created the At Home With podcast last year. A podcast where they snoop around some of their most loved business women homes and ask them from everything from their what their favourite cleansers are to how they created and developed their businesses to the places they are today. They're only in their first season so I'm intrigued to see what the next season will bring and what guests they will have on. I have to say I would love to see this as a visual podcast and really get to see inside the guest's homes. By far my favourite episodes from the first season were interviews with Lisa Eldridge and Giovanna Fletcher but they're all worth a listen. 

bryony gordon's mad world

Bryony Gordon has been a writer for many years but last year she delved into the world of podcasts and she's done an incredible job. Mad World surrounds the topic of mental health where she talks to various celebrities about their struggles and the different illnesses that are out there as well what they've found to be helpful for them. It's undoubtedly one of the best podcasts on mental health as it's just so raw and honest, there are no frills or false pretences about how devastating the effects of mental health illnesses are. Her first episode and interview was with no other but Prince Harry. It was an incredible heart-wrenching episode to hear how he's dealt with different aspects of mental illnesses whilst being such a high profile individual.


crash on my couch

This is a podcast that I listen to when I want something to have something on that is lighthearted but irresistibly entertaining. From two Youtuber's Arden Rose and Will Derbyshire it's a conversation between the couple and they cover different segments each week like conspiracy camp, the weekly idiot and we all feel weird sometimes. They bring up such relevant and interesting thoughts that it never fails to suck me in and keep me entertained during my workday. It's an easy listen which I think is something we all need sometimes.

hashtag authentic

Sara from Me & Orla created this wonderful podcast that initially was just a conversation on Instagram but now she covers all sorts of creative topics. Whether you're a blogger or a professional grammar' I'd highly recommend giving this one a listen as Sara and her guests really know their stuff. Instagram has definitely lost some of its sparkle for me and when I  feel that way I do always like to listen to Sara's podcast. Her advice isn't going to magically cure your issues with the platform but it always inspire me to go back to where I started with it.  Where I simply wanted to create awesome things and share them. It's so easy to get caught up with numbers and followers but those things don't exist without creating the content first.


don't blame me

Another YouTuber podcast that I love listening to is Don't Blame Me from Meghan Rhienks. It's like an agony aunt podcast where people call in with their problems and Meghan does her best to answer them. It's not the most hard-hitting podcast which I like as it's more of a conversation between friends and the advice given is definitely something that would be discussed between girlfriends. Lately, there have been a few episodes with guests on which changes up the dynamic a little as they often offer a completely different perspective on a situation.


is it just me? 

This podcast was formerly called 'Hey, It's Ok' but they've had a rebrand and now it's Is It Just Me?. The premise is generally the same, Jo Elvin talks to different celebrities about those topics that people don't typically love to talk about and it's absolutely fascinating to listen to. They recently interviewed Sali Hughes who is hands down one of my favourite creative women in the world, she inspires me endlessly about beauty and her way with words is incredible. I'd highly recommend giving this one a listen if you're new to the podcast world as it's not too long and always entertaining.

ladies who lunch

Brought to you by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes Ladies Who Lunch is much more of a serious podcast where the two ladies [with their lunch] discuss really thought-provoking topics. Although Cat & Ingrid are good friends they don't always share the same viewpoint and it's incredibly interesting how two young women in their twenties handle different situations. Even though I've not shared some of the situations or circumstances there is always some valuable advice to be taken from Ladies Who Lunch.


the heart of it 

I've always been a big fan of Estée for years throughout her blog, her YouTube and now her podcast. The way that this podcast is beautifully produced makes it completely unique in my podcast library, seriously it's incredible. It's just come to the end of its first season and already she has covered some really great topics, I listened to the Mom episode the other day and blubbed my way through it. There is just something so incredible about the way that Estée talks and I can't imagine that anybody wouldn't be sucked into The Heart Of It.


Views isn't really like anything else I listen to, created by David Dobrik and Jason Nash. Two huge stars from the platform Vine that have since moved onto YouTube as well as creating the podcast Views. Every week they have a chat about the different things that have been going on in their lives. Of course, they have a huge following and both reside in LA, Jason is a father of two children and David is currently one of the most sought-after creators in the world. David is also a member of DACA so hearing his side of his experience with that has been so interesting [and upsetting too], it's so easy to detach the awful things we hear on the news away from the people it will possibly effect.

walking the dog

I spend a lot of time walking my dog, a good couple of hours a day and when I can this is the podcast that I will listen to. You will know if you've ever gone on a long dog walk with somebody that you end up having a good natter with them and that is exactly what this podcast is. The presenter Emily chats to various different celebrities and they cover everything from their dogs to tragedies in their lives. This is one that my boyfriend and I always like to give a listen in the car too as you can really get a good insight into's people's lives and it's almost like you're there with them having the conversation.


What are your favourite podcasts?

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