Summer Staples; From Beauty To Body


-this post contains PR samples-

The warmer weather is creeping back towards us and I am far too excited about it, not having to wear a coat and a scarf in May to walk the dogs is going to feel like such a luxury. As well as the excitement of not wearing a coat I’m also going to be able to switch around my beauty routine ever so slightly, as I’m sure like most my needs and wants are a little different when the warmer weather rolls around and these are a few of my summer staples that I’ll hopefully be using throughout the next few months.




When it comes to getting my limbs out I’m very on top of my exfoliating routine as I want things to feel and look as smooth as possible, I also find exfoliating to help me a huge amount with ingrown hairs on either my bikini area or my legs. I’ve never quite got into dry body brushing which I know is something so many people swear by as it’s got heaps of benefits. My all-time favourite exfoliators on the market come from Soap & Glory, there are a number of options to choose from and they all work perfectly well but my most loved is Pulp Friction. It’s a thick moisturising paste that gives you a seriously good scrub and gets rid of all the dead skin that you might have hanging around but it’s not aggravating at all. Because it’s so thick in consistency it means that it actually sticks to the skin which is a big annoyance of mine when it comes various scrubs, they’re completely useless if they fall into the drain but this stays where you put it.


I’m now on my second bottle of the L’occitane Almond Shower Oil (gifted) and it’s truly one of the most glorious products to use all year round. But, as it’s expensive I try and save it for when my limbs are going to be on show as it not only makes my body feel beautifully soft (and clean obviously) but it makes for the perfect shaving partner. It’s a milky oil that stays on the skin once massaged in and it gives the area a good amount of slip that makes the razor glide across with ease. Not only is this a brilliant shaving product but the sweet almond scent stays on the skin for a while, which some might not love but personally it’s one of my favourite things about it.


In winter I want to reach for the thickest buttery balms I can find as my skin is dry and is thirsty for moisture. But, during the warmer months, I tend to reach for something that is just as nourishing but lighter in its formulation. The Evoluderm Lotion (gifted) feels so light and cooling on the skin but still makes my limbs feel silky smooth, a great one to reach for if you’ve been out in the sun as it does have that cooling effect. And because the warmer weather means sandal weather I need to make sure my feet are as silky smooth as possible and one I’ve been reaching for is the Palmers Raw Shea Hand Cream (gifted). I know it says it’s for your hands but unless I’ve got the Soap & Glory Heel Genius in my stash then I’ll always reach for a hand cream to keep my feet soft and supple and this is the dream. I use it after I’ve got out of the bath in the evening and it really helps with any dryness and any signs of cracking disappear overnight, I also slather this on my heels if I’ve got any blisters as it soothes them so much.




It doesn’t matter what the weather is, I will always prime my skin for any product that I’ll be applying over the top. When it’s cooler I naturally reach for something that is slightly more hydrating but when it’s warmer I want something that can create an even canvas. Enter the Ren Perfect Canvas (gifted) which is a hybrid between a makeup and a skincare product. It’s got a seriously feel-good ingredients list consisting of probiotics to lock in the natural moisture levels in the skin, blue agave extracts to smooth the complexion and alpha-glucans to support your skins natural microbiome. But, what does it actually feel like on the skin? Well, it lives up to the name and gives me a wonderful canvas to work with as my complexion feels just right. Hydrated but not slippy at all and somehow my pores look better but of course, there are no silicones insight on that ingredients list. It’s a pricey one there is no denying that but it’s such a good primer.


A beautiful combination from one of my all-time favourite brands for base products bareMinerals. The barePro Foundation (gifted) and the bareMinerals Original Foundation (gifted) are great products separately but together they provide me with a wonderful base for warmer weather. The barePro Foundation is a great natural feeling base with a good medium coverage that is easily built up, it lasts well on the skin and feels incredibly comfortable throughout the day too. Although you can use the Original Foundation on its own I love it in combination with a liquid base for a seriously perfected look. When used properly this is such a wonderful item, it sets my base into my place, feels seriously soft and gives me a little bit of extra coverage too. It’s what I reach for whenever I want to go for a full coverage look that is going to feel comfortable throughout the day and not crease. I always thought mineral foundations were just a no go for me but this one is such a dream, it’s no wonder it’s got cult classic status in the beauty world.


You wouldn’t think a cream product would be one to reach for in the warmer months but I get this out every single year without fail, and I think we’re now on our 6 year anniversary. The Stila Convertible Colours (gifted) are something I will have in my beauty stash forever because they’re just so good. Despite being a cream they hold up well in the heat on my skin, you can always use a translucent setting powder to help them last a touch longer if your skin eats product when it’s warm. They leave such a beautiful natural gloss to the cheek and they’re a breeze to apply, simply dot on with your finger and then use a stippling brush to work into the skin. I have the shade Peony which is a really beautiful dusky pink with a slight brown undertone and I’ve also used Lilium in the past which is the most perfect pink I’ve ever used and will always be a favourite of mine.


I won’t jabber on too much about Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balms (gifted) as let’s be honest, at this point, I could be an official spokesperson for them as I’ve mentioned them that much on this blog. If you’ve not caught my hundreds of love letters to those pretty colour co-ordinated tubes in the past, then let me give you a little run down. They give off the same amount of pigment as a satin lipstick but they’re nowhere near as much maintenance and they actually hydrate the lips too. They have this delicious lemon scent to them which makes them almost good enough to eat and then finally, they contain an SPF which is an absolute must when the warmer weather rolls around especially. The screw on lids makes these such a dream to throw into your handbag as you don’t have to worry that they’re going to smear product everywhere. The shades Petal and Nude are probably my all time favourite although I do have a soft spot for Rose too.


what are your go-to products in summer?