The Joy Of Getting Photographs Printed | AD


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Do you know those little things that you always mean to do but never get round to actually doing? For me, that's getting my photographs printed because I have thousands on my iPhone and hundreds of thousands on my computer and even though they’re backed up. Technology can always fail us, social media platforms can be shut down and if I ever lost all my photographs I’d be devastated. So getting the opportunity to make my own photo books seemed like the perfect chance to finally get some of my most loved images all in one place. I also created one for the dogs to have a place for some of their puppy photographs and that is such a joy to flick through.


why get a photo book made?

Photo books are something that I’ve been aware of for a while and I think they are absolutely brilliant. Not only do they make for the most wonderful gifts for a wedding or an anniversary, I definitely think I’ll be getting my best friend a voucher for one of these books as her wedding gift. I also think something like this would be the perfect way for any budding photographer to show off their work without using a traditional heavy portfolio. As they can be quite bulky and these books are beautifully slimline and give you so many layout options which gives you even more freedom to show off your work to potential clients. I have the Hardcover Photo Book and the fabric it’s beautifully bound in is the eucalyptus shade with rose gold lettering on the front cover and spine. The images I chose to go into this book were some of my favourites that I’ve taken of florals and shots for this blog as the biggest downside to digital as that it’s so easily lost in a feed and I love some of those images so much that I wanted a more permanent home for them. It’s something that I’ll be able to look back at forever, just like when I go over to my dads and know I can look through the many, many photo albums full of photographs from my childhood. Photographs on a screen are lovely but I truly don’t think you can beat seeing them in front of you on paper.


making the book

If you’re not a tech whizz (I’m certainly not) you’ll be thrilled to know that these books are super easy to put together. The way I chose to do it was to load my JPG images to the website and then dragged and dropped them into my preferred layout. You can use images straight for your Instagram though which makes it even easier so you don’t have to go to the hassle of uploading them to your computer and ideal if you’re creating the book on a tablet. I went for quite a simple layout and stuck to one image on a page in varying sizes but you could have multiple images on one page and it also gives you the option to resize, crop and they even offer a retouching service if you’d like to remove some things from an image. It was so much fun and unbelievably easy to see my book coming together and seeing how all the images would flow together, truthfully I could have spent hours going through my archives but I kept it somewhat up to date.



When I was younger, we didn’t get a digital camera until I was a teenager so every photograph from my younger years was taken on my dad’s film camera. Which we then had to send off to get developed and you never really knew what you were going to get back which was part of the fun (and also scary if it was for a big occasion). I remember waiting with bated breath until the film pack came back and I could thumb through them all to see what was captured. When digital cameras were more readily available I would still get photographs printed for my college and university projects but it wasn’t long before everything was kept on a harddrive and never really looked at again which is such a shame. When my two photo books arrived, even though I knew exactly what was in them I couldn’t wait to look at my photographs properly and it made me appreciate them so much more. So from now, I think I might make it a resolution to myself at the end of every year to get a book made featuring my most loved images from the past 12 months, it will be such a good way to end the year on a positive too!

Would you ever get a photo book made?