Surviving The Rest Of Winter; The Style Edition


As much as I love my comfortable knits and coats that make me look somewhat like Michelin man I have to say I'm really ready to get to the end of winter and welcome some warmer days. It feels like it's been grey for about a 3483 years and let's not even talk about the amount of rain we've had lately, so yes, I'm pretty excited to properly get into spring. But, the reality of residing in the UK is that it's more than likely going to be cold for a good few months so here are a few ways to update your wardrobe [without splashing the cash], my current style inspiration and style favourites as of late. 

have a good declutter

I'm on a real decluttering kick at the moment and it feels absolutely fantastic. I always find this time of year is always good to have a good sort through of what you own and evaluate what you're using, what you're not and what could probably be found a more loving home. When it comes to my wardrobe I have a pretty simple process when it comes to decluttering which looks a little something like this;

  1. Get everything out of your cupboards and wardrobe and lay it all out.
  2. However you store your clothes clean out the area, especially if you store shoes there too. 
  3. Look at each piece, try and remember the last time you wore it [summer clothes aren't included in this] and if it wasn't within the past two months then maybe put it in a pile to be reevaluated. 
  4. Then go through said pile and evaluate what you want to do with them, my favourites are either donating or selling. 
  5. Iron and tidy away the remaining items. 


This is such a tricky time of year [I think] because it's not quite spring but we are coming out of winter so we don't need the biggest knits we can find anymore but it's certainly not sweatshirt weather either. So finding a way to keep things looking fresh can be tough, as it has been a tiny bit warmer lately here are the wardrobe changes that I've made to shake away those style blues that have well and truly set in. 


I layer all throughout the year, apart from when it's incredibly warm as obviously, you need only one layer max and even that can feel overwhelming at times. Lately, I've been reaching for lighter layers of clothing instead of one heavy knit and a thermal underneath. My first and favourite choice is a Breton with an oversized cardigan over the top and then my second option is a lightweight sweatshirt and again a Breton underneath, I have a serious love for Breton's ok? If your wardrobe requires smarter pieces then layering a lightweight blouse or shirt with a knit over the top could be a lovely way to play around with layering. 

lighter hues

I know when the weather is gloomy that I always tend to go for dark greys, greens and blacks but sometimes dressing exactly like the weather can be the worst thing for our moods. And I'm not somebody who is ever going to be reaching for fuchsia pink or lime green but blush pinks, creams and sage greens are shades that I love to reach for and they instantly brighten my mood.

risk flashing some ankle 

Whenever I post my outfits on Instagram stories a message that I get quite often is how are your ankles not cold? Well, I'm not actually a robot that can't feel the cold but my legs aren't an area that really gets too cold, my wrists and hands are always where I struggle the most. Anyway, whenever it's warm enough to flash a bit of ankle I always do. I'm not sure what it is about flashing that little bit of skin for me but it helps break up so much of the heaviness of the winter layers. And of course, you're not going to be donning your favourite summer sandals but a good pair of trainers [preferably waterproof] or loafers can be so good for breaking things up. 



Style favourites of mine lately


You might remember that last year I bought myself a pair of Adidas Gazelle's and it was a purchase I ended up really regretting which is a shame. But this pair of trainers from Gola*, a brand that has had a little bit of a revival lately are exactly what I wanted the Gazelle's to be in my wardrobe. You might think they're not the most sensible shade but on a dry day in combination with a good suede, protectant means you can definitely wear these and they'll be so perfect for S/S. Anyway, obviously the colour is stunning but it's the cut and fit of these trainers that have made them such a favourite of mine, they're incredibly flattering on the leg and the shape helps elongate the leg rather than cut it off. If you too struggled with the Gazelle style then these may be worth looking into as they're absolutely stunning, I'm eying up the mustard pair as well as they're beautiful.



A new clothing piece that I bought myself this month was a more lightweight jacket for day to day wear, as well as something that I can throw on for a dog walk, is a green puffa jacket. I can't say that I ever thought I would be the type of girl who was really into puffa jackets but I really love the way that they look styled with a good knit, leggings and finally trainers, loafers or Chelsea boots. I've tried to stray from green coats as I do already have two in my collection but I've found that it really is the best colour for me. It's a shade that goes with everything else in my wardrobe and adds a little bit of colour to otherwise quite a muted outfit. 


A good grey jumper is a staple in my wardrobe all year round as they're so easy to throw on and then work with different colours with your bag and shoe choice. I've been wearing my grey speckled wool jumper from Jack Wills a lot lately, in-fact I've been forcing myself to reach for other things and I love it that much. Real wool is a pain in the bum to wash and the fear of shrinking your beloved jumper to the size of a Barbie doll is certainly there but I can't deny that it keeps you so warm. And when I've not been wearing that jumper I've been reaching for my Ralph Lauren grey sweatshirt which I'm really looking forward to pairing with lightweight shorts when it gets really warm but until that point, it's the perfect partner to go with my Lululemon leggings. 


I've been switching between my Kanken bag and my black pleather backpack every time that I've been going out into the woods to photograph something and need something to hold all my kit. I hadn't reached for my Kanken backpack for a couple of months and was contemplating getting rid of it but as soon as I picked it back up I instantly remembered why I invested into it. It's such a fantastic bag when you're out for a good few hours and needs something to comfortably hold all your possessions and it's so easy to wear all day without feeling the strain on your shoulders. These bags are expensive but I do truly believe that they are worth it and there's a reason why so many people carry them. .  


When I've needed a smaller bag I'm still reaching for my beloved Cambridge Satchel Cloud bag which was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas and it's a wardrobe piece that I absolutely adore. Having a somewhat statement bag is something that is new for me as I'm used to very low key colours and cuts when it comes to bags. It's not the biggest bag in the world by any means but day to day when I'm out in town or doing the food shop I don't need something that cumbersome and this has stopped me from over stuffing my bag which is certainly an issue of mine and I'm sure that my shoulders are thanking me.


My love for Breton's is certainly no secret at this point but something that I don't typically stray from is the classic navy and white stripes. But when I saw this dusky pink striped long sleeve I knew it had to be mine, impulse purchases aren't something I try to do anymore but this was something that I knew I would get a lot of wear from. I've been pairing this under knits as well as with a chunky grey cardigan when it's a little warmer and it's so nice to have that soft hue to brighten up an outfit. This wardrobe piece will really come into its own in the warmer months and will look perfect underneath a pinafore or with an A-line skirt.


What style items will you be reaching for to get through the rest of winter?

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