Tackling Hormonal Breakouts

There is no sugar coating the fact that hormonal breakouts are horrible to deal with. They are not like your typical breakout, oh no, they are incredibly painful, sore and outstay their welcome by weeks. As I've spent years tackling them, I've become pretty experienced with what works with them, when they are at their worst. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH CHAMOMILLE FACIAL WASH*: Not all gel cleansers are stripping nightmares. The use of the chamomile (a natural anti-inflammatory) in this cleanser is what makes it a complete skin saviour. It's so soothing and calming even on the worst breaks outs and I always find some relief from using this. Safe to be used all over the skin (no burning eyes here thank you) makes it the perfect AM cleanser. Although it harnesses smoothing properties, it still refreshes the skin with ease. 

LIZ EARLE CLEANSE & POLISH: This is a product that will always have a firm place in my skincare routine because it works no matter what. When I've got a particularly bad breakout, touching is painful enough let alone rubbing a thick balm into my stressed skin. This gentle cream helps break down any makeup residue and then cleanses the skin to leave it prepped for the next steps in my routine. Again, containing that magical ingredient chamomile, it eases the pressure of any throbbing blemishes. 

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO [+]*: Not a skincare product that is targeted for breakouts but I find it to help no matter what. It doesn't work miracles on everyone's skin and the formula does differentiate across the world. In the UK, it's an unclogging and corrective treatment that helps to diminish the appearance of scarring.  Ever since I introduced this into my routine, I've noticed that the breakouts that I do suffer from, aren't anywhere near as aggressive and don't linger for months afterwards. A total game changer in the condition and texture of my skin too. 

ORIGINS MEGA MUSHROOM SKIN RELIEF MASK: This isn't a mask that would have sprung to mind immediately when you think about hormonal breakouts. However, as it's the king at relieving redness in the skin, it's the perfect mask for when you just want to calm down your angry complexion. Taking the redness out of the blemish is half of the problem and makes concealing them a thousand times easier. Even if you're not suffering from any nasty breakouts, this a great option for stressed skin, in general, it's expensive but I've never found anything to be quite so effective as this. 

SUDOCREM SKIN CARE CREAM*: Something that has been saving my skin for years is Sudocrem. Many cannot stand this product and deem it as the devil formulated into a product. For me, it works and it works damn well, that I will never leave it out my routine. Whenever I feel that I've got a blemish coming up, I apply a small amount of this on the affected area to try and calm it down as much as I can without drying the area out. It works so well at taking the sting out of even the worst breakouts, I'm sure we've all had those blemishes that have made our entire face hurt even before it's erupted.

An important factor to note with hormonal breakouts is that that they can be highly linked to what method of contraception you might be using. This is something that remains very hushed up on blogs as it's a personal topic but when discussing hormonal breakouts it's so important to think about it. From my own experience when I switched from the pill to the implant my skin went awol. So not only was I dealing with a period that lasted 8 months my skin had completely changed into a spotty, scarred oil slick. It took me a while to connect the dots of what was causing these mammoth breakouts, so if you're experiencing something similar please do think about what contraception you're using.

How do you tackle hormonal breakouts?

R x

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