Taking A Step Back & Going Offline

The internet is one of my favourite places, they're so many awesome things happening it's hard not to get sucked in. Something that is important to remember is to go offline once in a while and appreciate the real world. I'm a technology addict, I admit that but it's something I want to change. As I've made a conscience effort to be present in the real world a little more lately I wanted to share what I've been doing to break my bond with my beloved internet connection. 


I'm forever reading things on my MacBook and phone and have neglected reading physical books. A habit that I'm trying to get into is turning off my laptop and leaving Netflix behind and getting stuck into a good book. For a little while, it felt strange to just sit in silence and read but now it's become my favourite thing. Sometimes it's nice to just appreciate the sound of the outside world and everything it has to offer. I'm aiming to have at least 3 nights a week doing this, I can't go cold turkey from Netflix and Grey's Anatomy so suddenly. There is always a big difference in my sleep quality when I've been looking at a screen compared to when I've been reading. Which makes me want to do it a lot more. 


Something I hate seeing is when people are out with their friends and they're all attached to their phones. My boyfriend and I have always banned phones from our time together because we want to enjoy physically being with each other and having a conversation with eye contact. If my phone is right next to me I know I'm all too tempted to just scroll pointlessly through social media. When I'm spending time with people I want to enjoy that time and really make the most out of having a real conversation. 


Being present in the moment isn't something that I find easy. My mind is always wandering off into other things or worrying about something. I've found whenever I've had a conversation with somebody and I've been doing something either on my laptop or phone then I'm not really experiencing that moment properly. I want to retrain my mind to be more present so that I can enjoy whatever is going on in my life properly. The internet can always wait. 


I'm a private person. Even though I share personal topics on my blog and I'm quite open about things there are a lot of things that I keep private and that's my choice. I don't believe that you need to share every intimate detail of your life to be a relatable person. There are a lot of things that I'll never share online because those are things that are personal and sacred to me and I don't want them online. I do believe it's important for everybody to have a level of privacy. When the line between the internet and your real life becomes blurred I think this is when people find it too difficult to switch off. A lot of people love sharing everything online, but it's not something I'm comfortable doing. I also think when you share everything online then how do you ever tell your stories with your friends without them saying oh I already know because I saw it online. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on going offline 

R x

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