Taking Joy From Everything

Something I think we all do without realising is take what we have for granted. I know that I do all the time. A terrible habit of mine is wishing for other things and never taking a moment to appreciate everything I do have. When we're busy living it's not often that we take a step back to joy in all the smallest of tasks. The things that become a part of everyday life and a remedial chore. From now on I really want to start taking joy from every single little thing that I do and here are some of my favourites.

  1. Waiting from a delayed train in the sunshine.
  2. Sunshine in general.
  3. Chopping up fruit and vegetables.
  4. Reading - everything and anything.
  5. Going food shopping and finding your favourite cereal reduced. 
  6. When people take time out of their day to e-mail you. 
  7. Having the time to sit and enjoy your lunch and have a break from work. 
  8. Getting an early night's sleep.
  9. When a complete stranger smiles at you and you realise it's not creepy, it's just polite. 
  10. Being thanked for holding the door open for others.
  11. Having the time to see your friends more. 
  12. Being able to blog and have your own little place on the internet.
  13. Golden hour.
  14. Hayfever tablets that work so you can enjoy summer. 
  15. Being able to treat yourself to a new book. 
  16. Ice cold water.
  17. When you get home after a really long day.
  18. And removing your makeup & bra.

What are the small things that you take joy from?

R x

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