The A-Z Of Awesome Beauty Products

Whilst I was sat doing my makeup a few days ago I had the realisation that I've probably used a beauty product from every letter in the alphabet. And then when I really got thinking about it and starting scribbling down the products I thought it would make for a pretty interesting post as they're all products I love. So here is the A-Z [it's missing a few letters, you know the ones] of awesome beauty products; 


ANTIPODES GRACE CREAM CLEANSER*: A classic cream cleanser with a dreamy formulation that not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but hydrates it too. Antipodes is a brand from New Zealand that are vegan and cruelty-free but don't scrimp on any of the powers of awesome skincare. 


BAREMINERALS COMPLETE COVERAGE CONCEALER*: A concealer that can do it all from dark circles, blemishes and discolouration. It's thick and creamy in formulation but it never cakes up on the complexion or looks unnatural but it has incredible staying power. 


CLARINS GENTLE EXFOLIATING TONER: The piece de resistance when it comes to exfoliating toners and one I'd suggest anyone trying out if they're wanting to try one. It feels incredibly kind of the face but it sloughs away at any dead skin cells with ease and brightens up the complexion within just a few uses. The added ingredient of glycerin means that you're left with a baby soft face after using it too. 


DAVINES HAIRCARE*: An Italian brand that knows how to do hair really, really well. They offer such a wide range of products to cater to all hair types but my all time favourite has to be the OI range. It makes my hair feel baby soft but doesn't weigh it down at all and the smell is absolutely incredible, it's like babies but really wonderful clean just freshly out of the bath babies. 


ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 HOUR CREAM: The original do it all balm in my collection and one that I reach for regularly whenever I have terribly chapped lips, a burn or any other type of ailment. It has a rather acquired scent which is off-putting to many but it's something that I love and it brings back a lot of memories for me. 


FRANK COFFE SCRUB*: Even though there are now many of these coffee scrubs on the market nothing will ever quite beat the original Frank for me. It's loose coffee which makes it incredibly messy to use but it's well worth it as it makes your limbs feel absolutely incredible. I love the peppermint version as the scent is so invigorating. 


GHD HAIR STRAIGHTENERS*: For nearly 8 hours I've been a dedicated user of GHD tools and I don't think they can be beaten. Although I don't wear my hair straight all that often they're so versatile that you can use them for a number of different styles. Their tools last for years so even though they are a pricey investment you definitely get your money's worth. 


H&M BEAUTY: Not something that would have made the cut a couple of years ago but their relaunched beauty line is pretty incredible. I'm smitten with the nail polishes as they cost less than a takeaway coffee and the formulation is incredible. The thick wide brush makes them a breeze to apply and they last beautifully on the nails. 


INDEED LABS: I'm sure if you're a beauty blogger or just a beauty lover then you will have heard of the cult product Hydraluron. Which made the entire beauty world go gaga for hyaluronic acid which is hardly a surprise as it's a nifty ingredient to have in products as it carries moisture in such an incredible way and is an instant pick me up on the skin. 


JO MALONE FRAGRANCES: Of course, J had to go to my beloved Jo Malone fragrances. Possibly my all time favourite perfumes to reach for as they're just so unique and so precious to use. As of right now my favourite has to be dark amber & ginger lily which I can't eloquently describe, you just have to go and give it a sniff. Then, of course, there is blackberry & bay which is a cult classic as well as peony & blush suede. 


KÉRASTATE HAIR OIL*: Whenever I would get my hair done in a salon I would gaze at the wall of products and always see Kérastase up there shining away. Their hair oils are beautiful when used through your tresses to smooth down any frizz as well as add hydration and shine. And as you need so little [even on long hair] you're going to really get your money's worth from the products. 


LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO: A skin care product that I'm so incredibly grateful for being created as it completely changed the condition of my skin. It's an unclogging and corrective treatment that can also help to diminish the appearance of scars whilst also being able to moisturise the skin. It's a complete marmite skincare product though as it's something that either works wonders or has the complete opposite effect. 


MAKE UP FOR EVER: The once elusive USA only brand has been slowly making its way over to the UK and now can be bought in Debenhams which is great news for any diehard fans of their products. I'm personally a fan of their re-released HD foundation as it perfects the skin with ease but doesn't make it look false or heavy and it's got some serious lasting power. And without a doubt, it's got one of the best shade ranges available so it caters from really pale skin to dark skins wonderfully. 


NAILS INC: A brand that I haven't always loved is Nails Inc, I used to struggle with their polishes so much and even though they've got such a big cult following I just couldn't get on with the formulation. However, when they had a relaunch and changed everything up I could finally get onboard with the high-end polishes and understood what all the fuss was about. Their beautiful on the nails and the shade range is superb. 


ORIGINS: Alongside Liz Earle, Origins was one of the first brands that I could really get on board with as their products worked so well with my skin. Their Out Of Trouble mask is still one of my loved products today for helping to zap any nasties in the skin anyway with ease and their Mega Bright and Make a Difference ranges are always something that I'll go back to as they both do beautiful things to my skin. They are a green washed brand but I can't deny how well they work for me. 


PERRICONE MD: A brand that I've only really discovered over the last year or so but one that I've really come to love. From their skincare to their makeup everything I've used has always just worked so well and I can't help but love the ethos behind them. Their No Highlight Highlighter and No Lipgloss Lipgloss are staples in my makeup bag and really tie into the whole I've not put much effort in but I have really look that I love. 


RIMMEL: Without a doubt my favourite budget beauty brand. Rimmel just does everything so well and I'm pushed to find a product that I don't really love from them. From their bases [a questionable shade range is the biggest downside] to their lipsticks I'm never too far from a Rimmel product and their nail polishes are quite sublime and rival more than one high-end option. 


SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS: When I bought my pair of beloved SU lash curlers I thought I'd totally made it as a beauty blogger as they were an item that every single person seemed to own and love. And it's not hard to understand why as they wrap around the eye perfectly, lift the lashes and they stay like that all day. They've lasted years and rarely need the cushion replacing so indeed they are a pricey investment at first they're well worth it. 


TANGLE TEEZER: Upon first look at the Tangle Teezer and how it was designed, I didn't think there was any way that I could get on board with the odd shape as it reminded me of a horse brush. However, once I got over that it's been a staple in my beauty routine for years and it deals with my fine tangly hair perfectly. The only downside obviously is that it doesn't have a handle but once you're used to using it then it doesn't fly out of your hand too much and hit your dog [sorry Bella]. 


VASELINE: Not one of my all time favourite beauty products but I just had to include it mostly for nostalgia. At school getting a fresh tin of Vaseline was the highlight of anyone's week. And there were always two types of people; the ones who used it carelessly and the ones who nearly wept when someone dag their fingers into their fresh pot. Although I don't Vaseline on my lips anymore it can be used for a whole host of other things. 


YSL BEAUTY: Probably the most high-end brand that I own and regularly use is YSL. Their base products have featured on this blog so many times that I've lost count but they truly are wonderful and aren't something that can be easily beaten in my opinion. The Youth Liberator and Le Teint Touche Eclat are both staple bases in my life as they offer such different things to the skin. And it doesn't matter the condition of complexion they just work. Of course, they are high end and a beauty investment but I don't think many people regret shopping from them. 


ZOEVA BRUSHES: The brush brand that completely rules my beauty stash is Zoeva, ever since discovering them nearly 3 years ago I've barely strayed from the brand as they're just incredible. Their brush kits, in particular, are a great investment as you can use nearly every brush in the set. From the price to the quality to the design there is really nothing not to love about Zoeva. 

I'd love to know your beauty A-Z!

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