A Few Things To Do After You Have A Big Clear Out

The blogging world is full of people completely changing the way they live at the moment and there isn't a day goes by that someone isn't clearing out their beauty stash or wardrobe. And whilst I love those posts and have done my own in the past sometimes they're not always that useful about telling you what to do with the things that you're going to clear out. Because having the clearout is the fun part and the bit that feels awesome but then when you're left with a tonne of stuff and it's not always that fun to try and figure out what to do with it. So here are few ideas of what to do with the things that you might have cleared out; 


Without a doubt, one of my favourite things to do is to give to charity as much as I possibly can. I always give any unwanted clothes as well as any makeup and then any household bits like unwanted cups and plates also always go to charity. There are hundreds of charities out there that are in constant need of things, especially with the current state of affairs there has never been a better time to give anything you don't need to someone else. If you're a fellow beauty blogger and you have anything that you don't need then giving it to women's shelters is one of the nicest things to do with unwanted products. Here are a few links to a few awesome charities;


This is something that can be done with just about anything from clothing to beauty to even stationery. If you no longer have a use for something in one way then maybe it can be used for something else. Mostly I do this with clothes and turn old t-shirts into gym tops and jumpers into loungewear so it doesn't matter if they're a little scruffy as I'm probably not going to be leaving the house in them. Sometimes clothes can't always be sold or donated but they're not things that you're getting the use out of in your day to day wardrobe so it's better to repurpose them in some way if possible. Then when it comes to beauty products, my stash is obviously a little different to a lot of peoples as I'm fortunate enough to get sent a lot of things. So when there is a body cream that I don't like it I repurpose it for foot cream and unwanted conditioner can be great for shaving your legs. 


If you know your friends are also going through a decluttering stage then maybe you could go through each other's things and have a little shop of each others unwanted items? I'm sure there is a specific name for this and I believe they're quite popular in the USA but not something is all that common in the UK at all. My sister and I regularly do this and then my best friend and I share the same shoe size so I know anything that I'm not either going to sell or donate she might like to have. 


And finally, probably one of the best things to do with anything unwanted if you're not going to give it to charity is to sell things. As I don't tend to buy fast fashion anymore and purchase things that are generally a little higher in quality then I can always most likely sell it. Personally, I think it's one of the most logical things to do with pieces that are still in great condition, why not make some money back and then you can either save the money or put your earning towards some new pieces that you might have been eyeing up. I've always used eBay and Depop for selling things on and things can wind up being a little frustrating with selling and PayPal fees but some profit is better than nothing at all. 

Do you have any tips for what to do with the things you've decluttered?

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