The Battle Of The Dry Shampoos


Washing my hair is something that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love how my hair feels when it's all clean and mentally, it lifts my mood a lot which is not something I ever expected from a simple hair wash. But I also hate washing my hair, even though I know how good it feels I can never quite muster up the energy for it and obviously, daily washing is not the best thing to do for your tresses. So this is where the dry shampoos come in, I depend on them all the time to help my hair feel clean without having to go to trouble of actually stepping in the shower. I've tried so many over the years, some good and some absolutely terrible and here are the ones that I've currently got on the go.


The product inside the oddly packaged dry shampoo is really lovely, however, I cannot stand the packaging and it rarely works. It's a pump that you kind of have to squeeze whilst holding upside down and shake at the same time. The fact that I can't even explain properly what you have to do to dispense this product says a lot. Once you do get this out then it works, there is no white residue and it absorbs the oil making the hair feel fresh without making it feel weighed down or heavy which is great. If the brand repackaged the product then it would be incredible but the way it's housed now simply doesn't allow you to distribute what's inside. Considering the price of this item you do expect more and if I had bought this then I would be incredibly disappointed.


I use this by the end of day two hair to simply freshen things up and if you don't have hair that gets terribly greasy then this would be a great option for you. It's simple but it's effective, however, if your hair looks like it's been dunked in a deep fat fryer than this will not rescue it. It absorbs any grease that is making it's way out as well as making my hair smell good too. Which when you don't wash your hair daily is an issue, especially when around BBQ's or smoke. It doesn't leave any white residue but don't go overboard with this or it will make your tresses feel a little grim. For fine hair then it's a lovely option but if you need something really heavy duty then it won't be for you. And unlike most dry shampoos this has a very interesting ingredients list and it's not something I've found makes my hair feel or look matte either which is rare.


tresemme fresh start

This is a budget dry shampoo that I've used on and off for years. I will say, it's not my favourite affordable option but it's a good one none the less. My most loved budget option, by the way, are Co-Lab dry shampoos, so many scents and they work perfectly on my hair. This is something I use at night when I know my hair is getting ready for a wash but I don't have time. I spray it on liberally and leave it to absorb overnight, I find by using it this way I get the most out of the product as it's not something I find suitable for a quick spritz before styling as it can be a little heavy. You do have to be careful when using too much of this as it can leave a slight white tinge, nothing too bad but it's still there.


A hybrid item from Tigi, this is a dry shampoo and a texture spray which is exactly what my hair needs. If you hadn't noticed by the way I wear my hair at the moment then I like to look like I've been dragged through a bush. And this helps me achieve that look exactly as it adds a lot of volume without feeling crunchy or sticky but it also absorbs any oil. If you like your hair to resemble glass then you will not like this is as it quite matte but otherwise it's a fantastic product. And it smells absolutely divine, I can't quite put my finger on what it is but it's quite sweet and almost acts like a perfume for your hair.


What are your favourite dry shampoos?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty