7 Years of From Roses & How I Feel About Blogging Right Now


The month of July marks seven years since I transformed my photography blog into From Roses. And it's been quite the journey, sometimes I still can't quite believe that I'm still sat here tapping out blog posts. Every year I have to celebrate in my own little way and this is 2018's entry as well as what's to come on From Roses for the foreseeable future. 



Although I say it every year, it's so important to me that I thank the people who have invested in me and this internet space over the years. There are some people who have seen this blog go from a hobby that I began at university, to moving back to my dads house heartbroken and lost, to taking a year away from work due to ill health, then starting my own business, running an online magazine, moving out, getting Josie and to where I am right now. Living with my boyfriend and my two beloved dogs running my own business. To think that millions of people have taken the time to visit and support my little online world is absolutely incredible. There is so much chat about blogging being over but there is so much that can be done with blogging that other online worlds lack. It's such a privilege that I own my online world and I have complete control over it and can do whatever my heart desires. 

Whilst the landscape of blogging has changed so much during the time that I've been doing this. There is still something so special about typing out your thoughts and connecting with like-minded individuals. And I've been so incredibly fortunate to have been able to connect with some of the kindest people I've ever known. Online abuse and hate is rife in the blogging world and thankfully, I've only ever had a handful of cruel comments which is sadly so rare. Whilst I've always fought to keep my online space as open and loving as possible I've also had that done in return for me with the amazing people who choose to follow me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 



This year I have admittedly felt a little lost and burnt out with my online world. Which feels very scary to admit and put out into the world. The passion is still there of course, but as my life has changed so much I've still tried to run this blog in the same way that I used to and I cannot do that anymore. A few days ago after facing my fear of posting on Instagram stories again, I asked what people preferred when it came to a posting schedule. And it was a resounding yes to fewer posts, which I never expected but to be honest it was what I needed to hear. Daily posting is intense, and it worked when I was posting much shorter content but now my posts are so much longer it's too hard to do it every single day and still put out work I'm proud of. So from now on, I'm going to be cutting down to posting every other day on From Roses. Sometimes there might be more posts and I'm also going to be putting a lot more into The Adventures of Josie & Edie which is something I feel really excited about. I don't want my blog or myself to suffer anymore from pushing myself too hard to meet a schedule that only I put on myself. Especially when that's not even what my audience wants. So here's to a new start on From Roses and I hope that you'll still continue to support me like you have over the years and this blog would be nothing without the amazing support that its recieved.