The Beauty Products That Do All The Hard Work For You When You Have No Time

Sitting down and doing my makeup is without a doubt one of my favourite times of the day. But sometimes time is tight and you don't have that much time to dedicate to your beauty routine but still want to apply a few products. And here are my favourites for taking all the hard work out of getting ready for you; 


Taking the time to work with multiple concealing products then adding a foundation and then a powder is a laborious task. It's the area that I no doubt spent the most amount of time on though as I'm so much happier and more confident when my base is looking good. A product that has the ability to conceal and perfect is this base from Milani. The colour range isn't the best from this line which is disappointing because it's a really wonderful base for the money. It's a gel formulation which makes it so easy to buff and blend into the skin and is ok for dryish skin [I would still recommend a nourishing primer or moisturiser underneath] and can work beautifully on an oily skin too. Coverage is a solid medium affair but is easy to build up in the areas that you require it.


The Stila Convertible Colour Lip and Cheek products have been a staple in my beauty stash for a long time. These are so wonderful when you're in a rush as you can use your fingers to not only apply them but blend them into the skin too. So often cream blushes can be a little scary to use but these are wonderful and a product I'd suggest to anybody who is a little wary of cream colour products as they're a great starting off point. They're so soft and creamy [obviously] but they don't make the skin look greasy or slippy, they just add that highly coveted glossy sheen to the skin. So often cream products just fade away on the skin but this stays around all day and can easily withstand the summer heat.


There are plenty of eyeshadows that you could reach for when in a rush. And if you're that much of a rush you might not want to bother at all but this one from Burberry is pretty special. Of course, being from Burberry it is pretty pricey but it's well worth the splurge as it's just so beautiful in its formulation. It almost feels slightly creamy upon application even though it's a powder and it transfers wonderfully on the lid. Typically when shadows are so buttery soft they can fade away on the eye or just fall down but I've always had great wear time from this and it stills look as fresh as did when first applied hours later. 


For a flush of colour and a great highlight across the cheek bones, this baked blush from cruelty-free and vegan brand Inika is wonderful. I absolutely love baked skin products as they add light and luminosity without a tonne of shimmer and glitter. Although there is a slight bit of kick off as it's a loose powder that is pressed when swirling your brush around in the product it's so easy to brush onto the cheeks for an instant hint of light on the skin. The shade is very much like Nars Douceur and Tarte Exposed, a dusky pink with a slightly brown undertone which sculpts the skin as well as adding a flush of colour. If cream products aren't your thing then could well be. 


I mentioned this wondrous brow product in a post last week and it's so awesome if you're someone who really can't be bothered to tackle taming your brows as it is a laborious task at the best of times. It's a tinted brow gel so it can help thicken the appearance of the brows filling in any sparse areas as well as keeping them in whatever shape you want them in. The colour is a little strong so you do have to be wary of using a too much.

What products do you reach for when you haven't got much time?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty