The Best Brow Products To Use If Your Brows Are Kind Of A Disaster

If there is one thing I have absolutely no problem admitting it's that my brows are kind of dire. After spending way too many years overplucking they looked absolutely awful and growing them back has been a long and painful process of 4 years. And that is to even get them back into some sort of shape that I like. So over the years, I've really relied on products to make them look awesome when they really haven't looked all too wonderful and here are a few favourites.


  1. You have a natural brow shape for a reason, don't stray from it too much. 
  2. Put the tweezers down, your brows do not plucking everyday, 
  3. It's not the 90's anymore, having 6 eyebrow hairs isn't the best look for anybody. 
  4. Don't put too much product in the beginning of them 
  5. Always brush through.
  6. Colour match carefully. 
  7. When filling in, go along with your natural shape and enhance. 


There is no way I can ever talk about brows and not mention the absolute god send that is a spoolie. I have possibly the saddest brows in the land, all they want to do is slope down and look sad so taming them into action with a spoolie is something that I have to do multiple times a day. A spoolie never has to be an expensive purchase and you can find them for less than a pound but I can't recommend them enough as they make such a big difference in your brow routine. I like to keep mine in my bag throughout the day in case my brows make a break for south. It's something so simple but I find it makes a huge difference with how I look overall. When your brows are sloped down and looking incredibly sad it makes such a huge difference in the way that you look overall.


If you're going to use a product throughout your brows whether that be a powder or a pomade you need a good angled brush in your beauty arsenal. I've gone through many in my time and my favourite has to be from Nude By Nature* it's quite small but it's dense enough that you can get the precision that you want without it distributing too much product through the brows. I've always found an angled brush the easiest to work through my brows compared to the likes of a pencil as I find them more difficult to achieve a natural finish with. The Real Techniques angled brush that is part of a set [I believe?] is also a wonderful one too for a slightly larger option but even though it's bigger it's not cumbersome.


This is the brow product to rule them all in my beauty stash and the first powder that I ever used through my brows and actually felt like it worked. It's a neutral brown so it doesn't lean too red or too ashy which is so often the issue when it comes to anything brow related. Like most MAC shadows it's awesome in its formulation and it's soft enough that it's easy enough to work with but it's not so creamy that it smudges and smears everywhere. You only need a tiny amount for this to work through the brows and achieve a fuller fluffier looking brow. Depending on your personal preference of course. 


I never thought a brow product would be something that I would want to spend a lot of money on as there are a lot of great products at the lower end of the price spectrum. But this item from YSL is everything I've ever wanted and needed for my brows. It's a tinted brow gel so you do have to be wary of how much you apply as it does contain quite a strong pigment. So if you go in with a heavy hand you will quite honestly look terrifying. But a light amount brushed through the brows gently will not only give you fuller looking brow but it will also help your brow stay in whatever position you brush it into. It doesn't make the brows look crispy or flaky, it just holds them naturally all day. 

What are your favourite brow products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty