The Best Lessons I've Taken From 2016 & What I Want To Do Next Year

I always adore this time of year online as I absolutely love reading everyone's personal reflections on the year. Of course, it's a total cliche but they're so fun to read and I'm excited to share some of the best things I've learnt in 2016. As well as some of the things I'm hoping to do next year. 


There have been plenty of times this year where I've had to admit that I've not been the best person I possibly could have been. And this goes for so many things like family, friends, relationships, work and anything else you can think of. It's hard not to dwell but I don't think anyone strives to be a crappy person and sometimes it just happens. We all go through things in our personal lives that affect the way we are with other people so much. And it's not right to just blame them for our actions but we can't just ignore them either. This year I know I've not always been the greatest friend or girlfriend and admitting that is tough on the ego let's be honest. But knowing and admitting it sometimes is the only way to learn from it. And just because we might go through a phase of not being our best that doesn't mean we can't change it and strive to be better. 


I can't stand to talk about money, especially online and when people publish things like income reports it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable as I feel like it makes it normal to judge people on their income. However, I think there is a huge misconception that it's really easy to make money in the blogging world and no-one really talks about the realities of it. This year I endured two companies that I did regular work with file for bankruptcy. And all the work I did for them and was owed payments from was gone and it was pretty devastating. Thinking you've got a wage coming in and it suddenly disappearing is terrifying as we've all got bills to pay. Of course, these are the realities of being your own boss and we all know the uncertainties of it but it doesn't make it any less difficult to face. Dealing with this not once but twice made me take a step back and realise that I need to protect myself financially with what I do. And I have every right to do that it doesn't mean I'm a hassle or difficult it's just common sense. 


Sometimes I feel like I'm a sponge and constantly soak up the things that other people say far too much. And it's all too easy to believe those people over yourself. This year has really taught me that you have to have faith in yourself because you're the only one who truly knows you, your life and what's best. I'm someone who strives so hard to be open-minded and accepting of others and soaking up the thoughts of people who are narrow-minded just because they're shouting the loudest isn't something that I want to do. 


I apologise a lot for things and more often they're things that I don't need to be saying sorry for. We all have different situations that come up in life and sometimes they're awesome and sometimes they're devastating. Having something awesome happen to you shouldn't mean you feel constantly guilty about it and worry about everyone and what they do or don't have. Being aware of the cruel realities of the world and appreciating what you have is important. But constantly feeling guilty for what you have is no way to live and I doubt there are a lot of people out there who wants anyone to feel that way. 


When something good comes along I tend to overthink and worry that something will sabotage it. And I live in a constant state of worry and feel like I stand in the way of my own happiness all too often. Lately, I've tried so hard to get in the habit of letting the good things actually feel good and stop worrying so much about all the things that could happen. Because I know that no matter how hard I worry it doesn't change things. But I can appreciate all the awesome things that happen and let them feel as good as they really make me feel instead of trying to ruin it for myself. 


When other people take time out for themselves I never judge it as being selfish or being self-centered, I just think it's a necessary practice and I'm really happy that they're able to do it because we're all busy and have responsibilities. And in reality, if we don't look after ourselves then no-one else is going to do it for us. Looking after yourself never has a negative effect on anyone else's life and more often than not is a positive thing for the other people in our lives. Doing things for others and being a kind and compassionate person is one thing but constantly putting your feelings and health at the bottom of the pile for the sake of others is such a disservice to yourself. Finding a happy balance between everything is so hard and something I want to strive towards but I never think it's something that should be considered selfish. 


Whenever an opportunity arises whether it be personal or work related because I'm a huge over-thinker it means that I can always give myself a million and one reasons not to do it. So in the second half of this year, I started to say yes to a lot more and tried to stop holding myself back so much out of pure fear. Because when I do take the chance and say yes then I'm always so happy with the outcome and it's incredibly rare that something negative happens. Getting out of your own way is so difficult but when you do it can be so rewarding. And of course, doing it more than once gives you the courage to do it again. 


  • Try to live in the moment, look forward to the future and try to let the past be the past. 
  • Stand up for myself more. 
  • Improve my time management skills. 
  • Not feel bad for letting unkind people leave your life. 
  • And surround myself with awesome people. 
  • Make time for other things that I'm interested in. 
  • Live in the real world more than the internet world. 
  • Try not to worry myself into oblivion constantly. 
  • Continue to get out of my own way.
  • Be proud of myself and my achievements and not downplay them constantly. 
  • Go outside my comfort zone more. 
  • Push my business further and stop telling myself no. 
  • Stop saying sorry. 
  • Not adopt other peoples crap. 
  • Continue to find a balance that works for me even if it's not what other people would do. 

I'd love to know some of the things that you've learnt in 2016 and want to do next year?

R x

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