People Who Did Awesome Things Online In 2016

I've not shared my favourite people online this year as much as I usually do. Because I'm a silent blog reader and very rarely leave comments even when I've absolutely adored a post this is my way of showing my appreciation to some of my favourite people in the internet world. Sadly I can't include all of my favourites as we'd be here all day but here are a few and I hope you love them as much as I do. 

the fresh exchange

I've been reading TFE for a few years but in 2016 they welcomed a new member to their family and it's been so interesting to see their journey to parents as well as continue to run an awesome business. If you're not familiar with The Fresh Exchange it's a lifestyle blog from Megan & Mike who are married. And they not only run TFE but a design business and store too. They create some of the most beautiful content online [imo] and no matter what type of post it is I always find myself absolutely enthralled in it. This year they also ventured into the world of video content and their series called 'Working Together' covers all of the most interesting topics about being an entrepreneur. 


Joy The Baker has been one of my go-to food blogs to browse for than longer than I can remember. But I actively started to read more of her posts when I listened to a podcast interview with her on The Lively Show. She creates such beautiful recipes and even though if I'm honest I'm never going to recreate them I really appreciate them on a creative level and still love to browse through. My favourite part of what Joy does online is her Let It Be Sunday posts where she accumulates some of her most loved content from around the web that week. It's something so simple but I absolutely adore those posts and look forward to them every week. 


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 16.10.44.png

This Last Moment is a website you might be familiar with but under a different name as it used to be called By Her Mirror. Written by the lovely Anna who is probably one of kindest people I've ever met online. It's a fully fledged creative lifestyle blog and I adore the way that she approaches topics, even the uncomfortable ones in such a delicate and beautiful way. You can get really get a sense of who Anna is from her blog and she is such a sweet soul that I can guarantee you'll love TLS as much as I do.  Oh and of course do head over her YouTube channel, I especially love her vlogs and even though I'm a dog girl forever her cat doing yoga with her is just precious. 


I've followed Jasmine for years on Instagram as her account is a complete dream and her IG stories have oddly become a staple part of my morning routine when I'm eating my breakfast. She's an illustrator/designer from Australia and her work is absolutely beautiful but somehow I never knew she had a blog. I  adore the content that she creates and the way that she writes never fails to put a smile on my face as she's so true to herself. Her most recent post on 'Creating Your Workspace' was such an awesome read and that GIF is incredible. The way that she styles her space up makes me want to embrace a slightly messy desk space as hers looks like a dream to work at.

Without a doubt, OPD has been one of all time favourite blogs to follow this year. Carrie rebranded and relaunched her blog this year and became One Pleasant Day and went in a completely new direction with her content. She writes about photography, food and then documents her general adventures and those are the posts that I always love the most. Her posts capture everything that I love about blogging and are something that is weirdly hard to find now that the blogging world is so big and very business minded [not a bad thing either]. And if you're a huge dog lover then you just have to browse through Carrie's blog as she has the sweetest little fur babies who regularly pop up in her posts. 

There is no way that I could write a post all about my favourite people online without including Kelsey from the blog A Balancing Peach. She has such a beautiful mix between beauty and lifestyle content and when she documents her adventures around America it makes me want to jump on a plane instantly. ABP is a blog that I not only absolutely love to escape to but it fills me inspiration too as her photography is just so beautiful and combines everything that I adore. Her recent post on 'My Tech Free Corner' has made my heart long for a big pink squishy chair even more than I was already. 

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Who have been your favourite people online this year?

R x

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