The Best Nail Polishes To Wear This Summer


-this post contains PR samples-

Having a freshly done manicure is something that makes me feel ready to take on the world. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a scrap of makeup on and my hair resembles a birds nest, as long as I’ve got that manicure I instantly feel more put together and polished. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always got so much joy from painting on different colours and it’s no different now I’m the grand old age of twenty-nine. There is some real stand out shades in my collection at the moment and these are the details on them.



This shade is one that I’ve loved for many, many years (I’m pretty sure this is my third bottle) and it’s one that I can paint on at any time of year and it will work. It’s a raspberry shade that looks different on each person who wears it, on me, it’s a beautiful muted dusky pink that goes with almost everything. If you get this shade from the diffusion line available in the UK it can be opaque with just one coat which is great if you’re in need a quick freshen up.


Blue nail polish typically isn’t my thing but there is something different about this one. It’s got a heavy grey base which I find makes it incredibly flattering on the nail and even though it is more of a statement colour it’s still quite neutral. It’s a shade that works beautifully in the colder months naturally but it still works for a S/S manicure. I particularly love this on my toes as it looks lovely with sandals in the warmer months.


The quest to find nude and mauve shades that don’t make me look like the life has been sucked out of me is something that I feel like I’ve been on forever. But, last year Essie answered my prayers with their new Colour + Care range as each shade in the range is nude which is perfect for those of us out there who only like to slick on a neutral. On The Mauve is a slightly purple based shade which I find incredibly flattering on my skin tone and I love that it is still noticeable on the nail but it’s not too out there. Even though this is from the Colour + Care line I don’t find it to make too much of a difference to the state of my nails but it's good to know it's not causing any damage to them.


If you’re a blogger or a blog reader from circa 2013 then you will more than likely be aware of the Essie shade called ‘Absolutely Shore’, oh how I loved that polish so much. But if you used that shade then you will know it was somewhat a pain in the bum to apply (because it wasn’t from the diffusion line) and although it’s a beautiful colour it’s very pastel. And when this shade arrived it reminded me so much of that coveted colour but a slightly more grown-up version. It’s still pretty and summary but it’s almost muted which I absolutely love and it’s been my go-to nail polish for this summer.


This is the nudest shade that I’m happy to slick on my nails, it’s very skin like but it’s still flattering and like I said earlier, finding a nude that doesn’t make me look ill isn’t always easy to find. When I want a manicure but I want something that isn’t going to interfere with anything I’m wearing or make a statement this is what I reach for as it still gives me that polished look. For such a neutral shade this is completely opaque in just a couple of coats too, which is so rare to find as that can often be the biggest downside to neutral colours. If you wanted a good nude for an occasion such as a wedding then I think this would be a wonderful option!