My Most Loved Gym Essentials Right Now


-this post contains PR samples-

I’ve been a regular gym frequenter for a few months now after taking a couple of years break and I’ve finally fallen back into a good routine with it. I’m quite particular with what I use and wear to the gym and I’m always so interested in what other people use to make their workouts even better as it’s something that is so personal. As of right now, my main focus is on running and light weights so it’s nothing too out there and this is what works for me and my workouts.



I sweat a crazy amount when I’m running so I don’t bother doing a full skin routine before I go to the gym as I know I’m going to need to properly wash my face when I get home but I do like to give myself a quick freshen up before I leave the house. And to do that I use the Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water as it removes anything that has gathered overnight as well as giving me a quick freshen up before working up a serious sweat. Not only do I love this for in the morning before I work out but it’s great for removing makeup before a proper cleanse. It’s designed for oily skin but I don’t find it to be drying or stripping which is key for keeping the complexion balanced.


I drink a serious amount of water whilst I’m running, something that I never did whilst running outside so using a good water bottle has been so important. I’m currently using the Built Perfect Seal Insulated Water Bottle and it’s incredible for keeping water really cold and it has a leakproof top which is key as I’ve had other water bottles leak in my bag way too many times. I have the rose gold colour which is super pretty but there are a plethora of colours to choose from, personally, I'm a big fan of the lilac and mint shades. I mainly use this for the gym but I also take it out on long walks with Josie and Edie when we venture up to the Peaks as it keeps liquids cold for hours.


For a long time, my Lululemon Align Pants have been my go-to for the gym but once these leggings from Organic Basics came into my life I’ve been reaching for them constantly and I absolutely love them. I typically find that workout leggings are only designed for those who are blessed with very long legs but these are perfect if you are a little shorter (I'm 5'5) as they hit the ankle perfectly. These leggings wick away moisture incredibly well so even if you have a super sweaty workout then you’re not left feeling soggy which is my most hated feeling whilst working out. The design is a little different to what I typically wear but it’s super flattering, comfortable and supportive for whatever you might be doing in them.



I’m not all too picky about the lip balm that I use at the gym but the Fresh one is great as the lid screws on and that is a big plus for anything you’re throwing in a tote bag. It contains an SPF which is key during the warmer months especially. I’m not sure what it is about running but I seem to get incredibly dry lips so a quick slick of this is integral for keeping them soft and supple. If you’re a runner and your run outside then I highly recommend the Lanolips 101 Ointment as that creates a strong protective barrier against the wind and cold weather.


When I first started working out I didn’t care at all about the socks that I wore to the gym. I never realised that they could be of any importance until I switched to proper gym socks and I instantly felt more comfortable in my stride. I get mine from Primark as they last incredibly well and perform perfectly, they give my feet the support that they need and they never slip down into your trainer. Primark is typically not somewhere that I shop but these socks are absolutely fantastic and well worth the purchase if you don’t want to pay a small fortune as they are an item that can get pricey.


I’ve been an Apple headphone user since I got my first iPod when I was 13 and never strayed too far from them as I’ve never had a problem but something I don’t love is the wire getting in the way when I run. On a whim, I took my Sudio wireless headphones as they go over my head so not only will they not slip out of my ears when I'm sweaty which is an issue I started to have with my Apple headphones but they also block out the noise of the gym far better. They work perfectly not only for any cardio but they’re great for weights as you don’t have to hold your phone or put it awkwardly in your leggings or sports bra in order to be hands-free. The only downside to these headphones is that I do find I sweat so much around my head, weirdly around my ears of all places so have to make sure I take them off regularly and wipe them so they don't get to get all gross.


what are your gym favourites?