The Best 'Quick, I'm Late' Products To Reach For


Let's be honest it would have been much more realistic to add a profanity into the title of this post as that's what we're all much more likely to do when we realise that we've overslept and we're late. And even though I work from home and it's near on impossible for me to be late to work there are still the rare occasions where I've not quite allocated the right amount of time and have to rush. Of course, if you are really late and have absolutely no time to spare then beauty isn't going to be on your mind. But if you do have a little bit of time then here are some of my favourites to reach for that have maximum effect with minimum effort. 


OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: A cleanser that not only feels incredible on the skin, removes any makeup you might have missed the night before, brightens and hydrates is pretty much all you could want in a rush [and all year round]. It's a gel to oil consistency that melts onto the skin once massaged in. It's a great product to have if you're either not a fan of multiple skincare steps and want more from your cleanser than just the ability to cleanse the skin. When you're short on time it makes your skin look like you've put way more effort in than you actually have which is what we all want right?! 

TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER: Of course, this primer is wonderful if you've got hungover skin like the name suggests. But it's also pretty amazing for when you've got a tired or lack lustre complexion. Like any skin prep product its main purpose it to prime the skin and prepare it for any makeup that you might apply over the top of it. But it's the perfect way to fake not only looking more awake but helping the skin look calm and soothed. So often skin products that help brighten the complexion can either be full of glitter or make the skin look greasy. But this doesn't do that it just helps the skin look fresh and healthy. 

CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM*: This product has such a cult status in the beauty world for tightening and brightening the complexion and it does just that. The key to using this and getting all the brightening benefits is to apply it properly, if you rub it in then it will just ball up on the skin and make anything you apply over the top look terrible. You have to smooth it over the skin to help your complexion look brighter and generally better. It's something that I like to use underneath any base products but also on makeup free days as it gives the illusion of a smoother complexion without piling on products. I do think the cult item is a little bit like marmite, you either absolutely adore it or think it makes your skin look worse than before. 


ZOEVA BUFFER BRUSH*: Personally, I think using a brush to apply your base is far more time efficient than using your fingers. As it not only saves time but you don't have to worry about having product all over your hands, especially if you're doing your makeup on the go. The Zoeva Buffer brush makes light work of blending and buffing any base products in with ease and it leaves you with a base that's not only going to stay on the skin but looks flawless too. It's quite a dense brush but it's still flexible and easy enough to work and get into the contours of the face. 

BAREMINERALS BARE PRO FOUNDATION*: Powder foundations aren't for everyone. I can imagine if you have a dry skin type they're a complete disaster but if you don't they're pretty wonderful and amazing when you're in a pinch with time. The BareMinerals BarePro foundation is such a beautiful powder, it's finally milled and light on the skin and somehow manages to add coverage to the skin. Personally, I don't like to use this alone but on top of another base, it gives such a beautiful perfected look. It's the perfect product for taking on to go as it's ideal for touch-ups and the powder isn't so soft that it's just going to shatter in your bag. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY EYESHADOW PENCIL*: Even if I didn't have such a strong attraction to anything that's champagne in tone with a lot of shimmer. I would probably still adore the eyeshadow pencils from Charlotte Tilbury. They're without a doubt the easiest way to apply colour onto the lid without any skills or precision.  Just simply scribble on and blend out with either your finger or a brush [although I find skin works better with blending this product]. They're a product that can either be worn alone or in addition to another eye product to help add depth as well as increase wear time. Without a doubt they're one of the longest lasting beauty products in my stash, even at the end of a long day, they're still clinging onto the eye. 

What products do you reach for in a rush?

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