7 Things I've Stopped Telling Myself Everyday

One of my favourite posts to read are the things that people tells themselves on a daily basis and it's a post that I've written in the past. But today I wanted to share seven things that I've stopped telling myself on a daily basis. 


I'm a big advocate and believer in having something to look forward and to work towards. But something I've had to stop saying is that 'I'll be happy when I have XYZ'. Of course, there are some things that make day to day life a lot easier and there is absolutely no denying that they help add general happiness to our lives. But you're allowed to be content in between having whatever you want to achieve. Happiness is a really complex emotion and it's not something that we can feel all the time but it's so easy to stand in your own way of being happy. We're probably never going to have absolutely every single thing we would want in life but that doesn't mean we're not allowed to be happy. 


Knowing that I come from a place of privilege where I have a roof over my head and can afford to feed myself is something that I'm incredibly grateful for on a daily basis and it's never something I take for granted. However, when you're going through a rough time whether it affects your life a little or a lot doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel sad about it. Taking away from your own situation by saying 'it could be worse' is never going to help anything. Of course, it's important to be aware but in reality, there is always going to be someone who is worse off no matter the situation. 


Success, of course, is something that's very subjective when it comes to the work field and means something different to all of us. I often find people just say working hard is the only factor to consider when it comes to achieving something and I find it a little infuriating. Of course, how hard you work is a large part of it and it's not take away from people's efforts but there are so many things that factor into achieving something. You can work hard for days, months or even years and still not get what you want. 


This is something that I wrote an entire post on not that long ago [read here if you're interested]. I've banned the word boring from my vocabulary as I just think it's pointless saying it anymore. Even if people think I'm boring that's not something I can control. But personally I'm happy with my hobbies and interests and it's silly to apologise just because they're similar to someone of the older generation. No-one apologises for going out and drinking so why should I say sorry for enjoying an evening of knitting? 


Probably the biggest lie that I tell myself is that 'I don't have time' because I do. Right now in my life, I have more time than I probably will ever have in the future so it seems pointless to make myself believe otherwise. Learning to manage time properly and being honest with yourself about what you do and don't want is hard. I often find myself saying that I don't have time when it comes to something that I don't really want to do but saying I don't have time sounds much better than saying I don't want to. 


I used to be a big believer of this phrase and now it's something that I've come to absolutely detest. Nothing really happens for a reason they just happen and so often they're things that are completely out of our control. There are certain things that happen that can lead to something positive that can make us believe that they've happened for a reason but I'm not a believer in that type of fate. Truly awful things happen to some of the most kind hearted people on a daily basis. So I think saying things happen for reason is almost offensive to think they're could be any feasible reason for such tragic events to happen to anyone. 


This is something that I think we all struggle with and it feels a lot easier to be horrible to ourselves than being kind. Talking yourself down and stamping out any sense of pride you have is something that seems pretty normal in our society and it's really sad that we deem anyone who is proud of what they're doing as arrogant. When in reality we're all doing our best and that's something that gets a bad rep because I don't there is anyone out there who wants to go through life never trying or only aiming to do a mediocre job. 

What are some of the things that you've stopped telling yourself?

R x

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