The Cleansing Balm Diaries

Cleansing balms are fast becoming my favourite way to give my skin a thorough and luxurious cleanse. But I've not always had a happy relationship with them and it took me a few years to become accustomed to their rich consistency and before using them they felt like quite a daunting product. I've rounded up all the ones that I've tested over the years, the good, the bad and the expensive. 

ANTIPODES GRAPE SEED BUTTER CLEANSER*: The latest addition to my cleansing balms stock. Over the years, I've heard great things about this cult product from all natural brand Antipodes. So I had high hopes for it and all the wonders it could work on my skin. It's an incredibly thick balm like you might expect, it really is like a butter before it's massaged into the skin. It's unlike most balms I've used in the past as it doesn't have the slip of an oil on the skin and it's got an almost granular texture to it. It contains a high amount of shea butter which makes me think it wouldn't be the best on spot prone complexions. But if you're someone who has quite dry or dehydrated skin this could be a beautiful cleansing option for you. You only need a small amount to work over the entire face so it's a product that will last a long time even with daily use. 

REN NO1 PURITY CLEANSING BALM: This is the only cleansing balm that I've used that comes in tube packaging. Which makes it incredibly difficult to dispense as the consistency of the balm is so thick and can stiffen in cooler climates. However, once dispensed it is a really beautiful product. It feels incredibly kind on the skin and breaks down any makeup with ease. It's one that I prefer to use after I've removed the main bulk off any product as it feels so nourishing to the complexion. Whilst there is no denying that it's a lovely product I find because it's so hard to get out of the tube that it's not the best option out there. And it's also heavily rose-scented, which if you're a lover of rose then it won't be a problem but otherwise, it's a complete no-go. 

ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALM*: For me, this is the most luxurious and subsequently most expensive balm that I've ever used. Once warmed up on the skin as it can be a little tough at first especially when it's cold it's an awesome product to use when performing an at-home facial massage. It's got a thick almost gooey consistency which feels beautiful on parched dehydrated skin but it's not something I've ever found to aggravate my complexion when it's a little more spot prone even though it does contain shea butter. It's not my favourite for removing makeup but as a second cleanse it's beautiful and super nourishing and hydrating. As it's so expensive it's not one that I would highly recommend. Even though I do like it, I think you can get something else that performs just as well for less. 

BOOTS BOTANICS CLEANSING BALM: This was the first cleansing balm that I ever tried and I really didn't get along with. From what I can recall, it feels heavy on the skin and takes a lot of work to properly massage in to remove any makeup. However, it has a great ingredients list if you're not sensitive to a lot of shea butter. So for a more budget option, it's worth trying out. As I used this so long ago when my skin was much more spot prone. I feel like it's one that I should try again as my skin would probably react a lot better to it. 

THE BODY SHOP CAMOMILE CLEANSING BUTTER: Out of all the cleansing balms that I've ever tried this one has the lightest consistency. Although it might not feel all that luxurious upon application as it's reminiscent to lard the results are absolutely beautiful and comparable to much more expensive products. Not only does it remove the main bulk of makeup with ease it works just as well as a second cleanse. It's incredibly nourishing and hydrating for something that feels so light.For a more price friendly cleansing balm it doesn't scrimp on the quality at all and a little goes a seriously long way. 


This is where I felt totally lost when it came to cleansing balms. Because in the blogging world it's all too easy to discuss products and forget to talk about how to use them. So here is how I like to use whatever balm I'm using:

  1. Distribute just over a finger tip sized amount to the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. I always do this on a dry face no matter what the label suggests. 
  2. Massage into the skin in an upward motion. 
  3. Use a hot [as hot as you can stand] flannel to remove. 

What's your favourite cleansing balm?

R x

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