6 Posts You Need To Read

As I'm always saving posts to return back to on Bloglovin. I thought I would round up my favourites from the past few months and share them with you today. 

Caroline always has the most beautiful DIY projects on her blog and this  post is no exception. We both share a serious love for plants and these hanging planters would make an awesome addition to any house. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a while and this guide makes it super easy. If you've not read Caroline's blog before and you're a lover of DIY's. But you're not all that crafty her tutorials are always so simple to follow and never break the bank either. 

The world of anti ageing skin care is something that baffles me completely. And it's not been something that has been at the forefront of my mind until I turned 25 and entering the later half my twenties. Because even though ageing isn't something that I'm noticing a lot I would rather prevent anything that I possibly can. Jessica writes one of my favourite blogs to read as she always writes up such informative beauty content. But it's never hard to digest and this post is the perfect example of that. So if you also find anti ageing completely baffling then this is one to read. 

Looking around other people's apartments is something I find incredibly interesting. I've admired Alice's photography work on Instagram for years. So seeing her stunning apartment and learning more about her story was fascinating. A Cup Of Jo is one of my all time favourite blogs to read. It's a lot different to the majority of the content that I consume on a daily basis and I adore the different issues that they tackle. 

Going through a friendship breakup is something that's incredibly hard. Yet it's rarely talked about or we just downplay something that can be super tough to deal with. The way that Katy wrote this post was not only beautiful to read but it's something I think that we can all relate to. Dealing with the downfall of a friendship sucks and something that takes time to get over. When someone has been a huge part of your life if they leave it for any reason you need to time to mourn that loss. 

One Pleasant Day is Carrie's new blog, she used to blog over at Carrie Brighton but she's recently rebranded. Not only am I completely in love with her new website but I love the concept of The Lost Photo Collective. I've been taking pictures for nearly 10 years so I have so many images on my harddrive that have never seen the light of day. And I think that's what happens to all of us now as we amass so many photographs and I love that Carrie has started something to share them. 

The way that Holly spoke about the delicate and tough to approach subject of Body Dysmorphia was beautiful. Having gone through my own battle with the illness I found this post a breath of fresh air because it was so incredibly honest. Things like this are incredibly hard to discuss online but it's so important to do so that the stigma isn't so high around them. 

What awesome posts have you been reading recently?

R x

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