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Being a serious beauty lover it means I'm more than likely going to try and weave my beauty obsessed ways into all aspects of my life. As somewhat of a regular gym frequenter, it means I have to make a little bit of an extra effort with my routine in certain areas. As all that moving around and sweat can wreak havoc with your skin, body and hair. So here is my gym lovers beauty edit in all it's gory details from sweat to blisters. 


GARNIER MICELLAR WATER: I'm a mid-morning exerciser so, in reality, I don't see the point in doing a full skincare routine just to then have to do it all again an hour later. So I quickly swipe a cotton round with my micellar water of choice over my skin just to freshen myself up a little. As my skin is typically more oily I don't have to worry about my face feeling tight afterwards. But when it is little dryer I do slather a little bit of moisturiser on to keep it hydrated in the wind and air conditioning. 


Often I will take a micellar water with me or even a pack of wipes [I really like the Simple and Pixi ones] to the gym if I know I'm going to sweat a lot just so I can freshen up my face as soon as possible. But I always make sure to do my full skincare routine as soon as I'm home just to minimise any chance of breakouts and of course feel fresher. 

AESOP PARSLEY SEED MASQUE*: Any deep cleansing mask is key when you're sweating a lot. My skin is very easily congested so making sure I use something that's deep cleansing a few times a week if I'm regularly exercising is so important for keeping my skin clear. The Aesop Parsley Masque is one of all time favourite skincare items. Typically I don't think you need to spend more on a clarifying mask but this is such a beautiful option. It brings everything to the surface so immediately your skin looks clearer and it doesn't leave you with a face full of blemishes afterwards. 


CO-LAB ACTIVE DRY SHAMPOO*: As I don't wash my hair every day I need something that will help freshen up my tresses so they don't look or feel disgusting till I do get around to my once a week mid week hair wash. The Co-Lab Active Dry Shampoo has been specially formulated for those of us who either exercise or need something heavy duty to keep their hair feeling clean. Unlike the other dry shampoos from Co-Lab range this is isn't invisible once spritzed in but it's pretty close. It doesn't leave you with tresses that feel absolutely vile and unmanageable and it helps with the overall scent of your hair too. 

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE SUNDAY SHAMPOO: If I've had a particularly sweaty week then I will always reach for something deep clarifying when it comes to washing my hair. Getting all the dirt and build up of dry shampoo out is something that my regular shampoo choices can't quite get rid of but the B&B Sunday makes light work of it. It's without a doubt one of the best options I've ever used as it's strong enough to get rid of any build up but when your hair is coloured it doesn't dull anything down. Although you have to be careful with regular use because of course, it will diminish your colour over time. It's a pricey hair item but because it's not something I use all that often it means that a bottle lasts a good year or two so the cost per use is low. 

INVISIBLE HAIRBANDS: To keep my hair up and in place when exercising I rely on those odd old telephone wire looking esque bands. I've used and gone through so many different options over the years and these are without a doubt the best I've found for my hair type which is very fine but I have a lot of it. I pick them up from Primark and even though they don't last for months with regular use they're cheap enough to repurchase often. 


DEODORANT: One of the dullest beauty topics but one that is hard to get right is deodorant. Typically I like to go for something that is long lasting, minimises white marks and isn't too overpowering. Some of my favourite brands are Nivea, Right Guard and Mitchum as they're strong enough to make a difference but they're not so powerful they irritate under my arms as it's a sensitive area. I used to love the stick formulations but I found after prolonged use that my underarms almost became clogged and sore. 

MUSCLE GEL: Stretching, warming up and warming down is so important for your muscles but there are a few beauty items that can really help to relieve any tension. I've always loved the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel*. It's not dedicated towards really sore muscles and I can't speak for really intense muscle pain but this is a cooling and calming gel that helps enough with any twinges. 


LANOLIPS LIP OINTMENT*: When I was running outside on a regular basis I needed a heavy duty balm for the cooler months as the wind slapping against your face is tough on your lips. Applying a thick layer of the Lanolips balms always made sure that my lips stayed protected and soothed no matter what the weather. If you're an outside runner then it's something I highly suggest now we've come into the really cool months. 

CARMEX LIP BALM*: Now I no longer run outside and I'm in the comfort of a gym in the winter seasons I still want something to add moisture but isn't as thick as the Lanolips option. I've rediscovered Carmex recently and it's such a good balm for adding hydration and nourishment without feeling too heavy which isn't the nicest feeling when you're drinking out of a water bottle constantly. As it's a pot it's something that I use at home before I go to the gym and it lasts well enough on the lips not to need topping up every hour like some balms. 

PLASTERS, TABLETS AND HAND GEL: And now for the real essentials in any gym or exercise lovers routine. Plasters are always an essential just in case your shoes start rubbing for any reason. I always like to keep a good supply of blister plasters and then thick cloth plasters close to hand as the two in combination protect your feet so well. Paracetamol and Rennie are also two other vitals components of my gym bag because having indegestion sucks when you're on the go and trying to get a workout in. Then finally, hand gel, because there is nothing worse than touching machines constantly and worry about other people's germs.

What are your gym beauty essentials?

R x

- This post is in conjunction with Rennie® but all thoughts are my own -

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