The Hand Creams That Are Worth The Effort

The process of applying hand cream is either something that you do or you don't. Personally, I'm a big advocate of using it because when you think about how much we put our hands through on a daily basis and that they're one of the first places to show ageing it only makes sense to take good care of them. The only problem is that it's just another step to add to our probably already lengthy beauty routines. But here are the ones that are totally worth it making a permanent part of your routine. 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE HAND CREAM*: Oskia isn't a brand that I would ever think to go for when on the hunt for a hand cream. Any product from Oskia is obviously going to be a more expensive option to go for but if you're wanting to treat yourself or someone else then this is a beautiful hand cream. It aims to battle against signs of ageing and tackle any age spots on the hands. It's hydrating enough that you get immediate comfort from it. But it's not horribly slippy or greasy so you can still apply it during the day. Or if you want an intense treatment it can be used overnight so it can really get to work on tackling any intense dryness. 

LANOLIPS ANTIBACTERIAL HAND CREAM*: A hand cream that contains all the same antibacterial properties as a hand gel is a great option for on the go. Lanolips as far as I know are the only brand to have done this and this product has been a staple in my handbag/gym bag for a few years now. Even though it gets rid of any dirt and germs on the hands it's still incredibly nourishing that your hands feel fresh and hydrated. 

GALLINÉE LA CULTURE HAND CREAM*:  To repair horribly dry hands that are sore and cracked this product from Gallinée is perfect. It's incredibly lightweight and absorbs immediately after application making it a dream for taking on the go or using just after washing your hands. You only need a tiny amount to reap the benefits of this product and it contains probiotics and lactic acid which are aimed to help repair the skin. The scent of this is what makes it a firm favourite in my stash, it's exactly like yoghurt. 

SOAP & GLORY HAND DREAM*: Soap & Glory are the high street hand cream champions in my opinion. They have a number of different formulations that range from lightweight nourishment to something a little more intense like this. Like the Oskia hand cream it tackles age spots and stimulates cell renewal. Even though it's a little more intense than your typical hand cream it's not so heavy that it can't be used during the day. I've also found this is a great option to double up as a foot cream too if you don't want to buy two separate products or your travelling. 

JURLIQUE ROSE HANDCREAM*: If you're a lover of rose then this is a must-have hand cream. It's a little thicker in consistency than the others in this post but it still feels lightweight on the skin, sinks in quickly and never leaves behind a greasy residue. Due to its thicker formulation, it's one I tend to reserve for overnight use so I can apply a little more and really let it get to work at repairing the hands and locking in moisture. 

DAVINES OI HAND BALM*: Probably my favourite out of the bunch is this from product from Davines and it's not just because of it's metal tube packaging. It feels incredibly lightweight and silky on the hands but it gives such a huge surge of moisturise within seconds and it smells exactly like baby powder which I love. As I have a terribly bad habit of biting the skin around my nails I've found this perfect for helping repair that skin quickly and soothing any sore patches. Again this is a more expensive hand cream but if you've got the money it's one that I really recommend. 

What is your favourite hand cream?

R x

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