The Homebody & Introverts Guide To A Long Weekend


It's another hopefully glorious bank holiday weekend in the UK which more than likely means you'll have some time off work to do as you please. And when it comes to taking time off I'm not someone who always wants to venture out. I'm a huge homebody and a true introvert so when it's a busy weekend I tend to like to either stay in or do things that are really low key and don't involve any crowds. So in case you are too someone who doesn't like to get up to anything too hectic with your time off then keep on reading.



I'm desperately trying to make sure I read for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis but it's hard. Isn't it silly when we enjoy something that we seem to find it so difficult to carve out the time in our schedule for it? Reading is on the top of my to-do list this bank holiday as it's the perfect warm-weather companion [please let the forecast pick up]. Well reading and an iced coffee, here are the books on my current reading list; 

  • How To Stop Time - Matt Haig [the book I'm currently reading] 
  • Everything I Know About Love - Dolly Alderton 
  • Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier


Of course, this depends whether or not you have an outdoor space but there are plenty of little ways to incorporate some sort of gardening into your life even if you don't. Now we have the dogs and we've managed to extend our drive to comfortably fit our cars on the drive which happens to be on our back garden because of terraced house tiny street woes we really want to try and make the garden as lovely as possible. Our first port of call is regrowing some of the grass, which has become quite the saga as every morning I come downstairs and there is a pigeon chowing down on the grass seed. There have been some new patches of growth though so screw you pigeon, you've not won this time. Anyway, once we get the grass in a somewhat healthy state our next mission is turning the whippet's mud fight patch into a floral delight. I can't say that I ever thought I'd really get into gardening as it does seem like an older persons game but hey, I am 28 going on 88. And this time of year seems perfect to get into the swing of things with all things green as with the amount of rain and sunny spells you can really see things coming to life. And a trip to the garden centre is a British person's idea of heaven, well it is mine... 


With the number of posts that have been circulating lately about the blogging world being dead, there is no better time to get back into it than right now. When the sun is shining it makes it just that little bit easier to create content than in the winter time when you're battling with 3 pm sunsets and seriously limited light. As well as the temptation to go to bed as soon as you come in from being out in the Baltic weather all day. The warmer weather makes me feel a thousand times more productive and I find myself able to tick my to-do list off way faster than I ever am in the cooler months. So if you're thinking about getting stuck back into pressing publish then there is no better time than now.



I'm not entirely sure if car boot sales are a worldwide things but in the UK, especially in the North, they're pretty popular. Last weekend I went to my first car boot sale in maybe 10 years or so and they've still got that charm. I love having a wander around and seeing what bargains can be had, last week I found a brand new whippet collar, Aran knit cardigan and 3 brand new bath towels all for £20. I'm hoping the next one we go to I might be able to find a straw bag as I've decided that's the only way I'll get myself give into that trend.



British people really love the following phrases; have a potter around, popping over there, popping in, pop into town and so on. But the other evening, when I was quite honestly procrastinating I went through the house and did all the bits that I'd been putting off for weeks. And when I was done I felt utterly fantastic, which might sound like an over exaggeration but I'm not kidding. It's one the best evenings that I've had in a while and it felt so good to get everything done. These tasks included;

  • Tidying the pantry and going through all the canned food making sure everything was still good.
  • Going through my clothes drawers. 
  • Filing away all my receipts. 
  • Making sure all the washing was tidied away and not just dumped on a chair. 
  • Hoovered everywhere, even under the bed. 
  • Completely cleared out my inbox and got myself up to date with work. 

do something for yourself  

Typically free time like Bank Holiday's are spent with others which of course is a wonderful thing and something that we all enjoy doing. But something that is also important and lovely to do is to do something for just for yourself. Something that just benefits you and makes you feel absolutely fabulous. My favourites have got to be; having a long bath, washing my hair [a controversial one I know but I can't deny how I fresh I feel], painting my nails, updating my Spotify playlists, listening to a podcast watching my favourite show on Netflix and catching up with my most loved blogs.


What will you be doing this bank holiday?