The Importance Of Exercise


Before you roll your eyes at the title of the post, hear me out. Around a year or so ago, I made the conscious effort to include some form of exercise in my routine. I've never been a person that has found fitness easy and I really struggle with my physical health which definitely makes it difficult. The thought of going to a gym terrified me but after a big pep talk from myself I decided it was the easiest way to ease myself into some sort of routine. Little did I know the effect it would have on my life, fitness goes further than physique and today I wanted to discuss why it's important to do some form of exercise. 


The biggest difference I've noticed ever since I made the decision to regularly partake in some exercise is the effect it's had on my mental state. I'm terrible for worrying and overthinking and letting those thoughts consume my entire day or even week. Even by just going for a walk with Bella and getting my blood pumping those worries are soon shaken away. Endorphins are incredibly powerful and it's amazing how good they make you feel in a matter of minutes. 


We're all told that we should be exercising but how many of us take that message seriously? Often I hear people say you only need to exercise if you have issues with your weight but that couldn't be further from the truth. Fitness really does go further than your physical appearance and your inner well-being is far more important.  You're only given one body so it's important to take good care of it even if it's just walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. 


These aren't emotions that I ever thought I would feel. I've struggled with my confidence and especially body confidence in the past but since working out I've felt so much happier. Exercise makes you feel a connection to your body and when you achieve something you can't help but feel proud of yourself and feel more confident in your abilities. 


We've all been there and said well I just don't have time to go to a gym. With the likes of YouTube you don't have to, you can do pretty much every form of exercise you can think of. My favourite channels are Yoga With Adriene and Fitness Blender, both offer a huge range of workouts that you can do from home with no equipment. Here are a couple of my favourites:


During the past year, I've dipped in and out of exercise for personal reasons and whenever I've taken a big break I've always noticed that my productivity takes a huge dip. Not only that but I have a lot less energy than I do when I'm in a balanced routine, who knew doing more could give you more energy? Being your own boss is difficult and getting the motivation to push yourself every day is a challenge but by starting or finishing my day with some form of a workout always helps me focus so much more. Even if it's just 10 minutes of yoga, it makes all the difference. 


'Fitspo' is everywhere at the moment so it's hard to ignore it. Sali Hughes wrote an incredible piece about it and how it's become a dangerous trend. Fitness is such a personal thing and even though I think it's super important to do some sort of physical activity if your health allows for it, it's a personal choice of what you think constitutes as exercise. No-one needs to feel the pressure of not being able to do 500 squats or running for miles with a kale juice in hand. 

Are you a fitness fan? 

R x

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