The A/W Survival Kit

When you think of autumn & winter you probably imagine something reminiscent to the image above. Crisp leaves, wrapping up in your favourite knitwear and all that other good stuff. Whilst I love that version of A/W it's not always the reality and it's more damp and soggy then fresh and crisp. So today I've compiled the ultimate autumn & winter survival guide to make the next few months feel like heaven. 


Layering saves me when it comes to the colder months. When you're going in and out from central heating to brisk wind it can be difficult to know how to dress for both environments. So by layering you have the choice to take away and then add when you need it, it saves you from overheating when indoors and then becoming a human ice pop when outside. Particularly in the real depths of winter investing in some thermals to go under your regular clothing is an essential. Not at all on trend but warmth like you've never known it. 


I love scattering blankets around my room all year round but especially in A/W. Whether they are on my bed for some extra warmth or on my desk chair so I can wrap myself up in a fashionable burrito they are so useful to have around. You can find them at all price points and my favourite places to pick them up is at IKEA, Primark, H&M Home, John Lewis and National Trust Gift Shops


Things like a warm & waterproof coat, scarf, hat, gloves, wellingtons and boots are all key pieces in any winter wardrobe. For years, I went for style over substance but this year I'm not going to be left shaking like a leaf when the wind blows. Investing in a good winter coat is key, a well thought out choice can last you years and I'm currently eyeing up something from Barbour. As a dog walker, a warm and waterproof jacket is key and this Kelsall Waxed Jacket looks like it could be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe for those brisk walks with Bella


Climbing into bed after a long day outside in the cold is one of my favourite things to do anyway but especially with my favourite products in tow. As soon as I get in I always make sure I light a candle and my current favourite is the Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Candle*. It fills the room with such a fresh yet warming scent within minutes. To help cracked and dry lips I've returned to an old favourite, the Nuxe Reve De Miel is a staple during the cooler months. The thick buttery texture is an instant treat and the scent is reminiscent of a Terry's Chocolate Orange which is a dietary staple in A/W. Finally for my dry hands, I've found a new favourite from the adorable Asian brand Etude House. It's a lightweight cream that absorbs within seconds but leaves the hands feeling silky soft and is great for tackling dry nail beds. 


When exposing your delicate complexion to the harsh elements of A/W it's important to switch up your skincare accordingly. Three staples in my routine are an overnight mask, deeply nourishing moisturiser and sheet masks. My favourite of the bunch has to be sheet masks, not only are they absolutely hilarious to use they work all sorts of wonders on the skin when you've been out all day. They are incredibly popular is the Asian beauty market and my favourite so far has been the snail mask from Tony Moly. It brightens up my skin whilst giving it a huge boost of moisture leaving me with a plumped and nourished complexion instead of being sad and sallow. 


With the evenings drawing in thick and fast, it's the perfect time to start making your way through your reading list. In the warmer months, I always feel guilty for curling up in bed and reading as I feel like I'm wasting the good weather. But, when it's cold there is no better time to read.  I'm currently making my way through some classic books as I never read many as a child and I feel like I'm a missing out on a huge portion of reading knowledge. I've made my way through The Great Gatsby, Little Women, To Kill A Mockingbird and I've made a start on Pride and Prejudice. Be sure to let me know your favourite classic reads. 



When my skin starts to feel lizard like and my hair is a static mess I know it's time to bring out the big guns. The combination of the Schwarzkopf Dry Oil Mist* and the Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream* help to tame any flyaways. Both make my hair feel silky soft and nourished without weighing it down and making it resemble a greasy mess. I  slather on moisturiser all year round, but I'm particularly militant when it comes to A/W. I like to use something a little more lightweight during the day and this new release from Roger & Gallet* is utter perfection. Not only does it smell like an absolute dream (Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream in fact) it sinks in within seconds. Then in the evening I go for a traditional body butter and the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star* is my current weapon of choice, I'm a sucker for anything that can make me smell like a cake. 


I love loungewear, I probably own more loungewear pieces than I do regular clothing. What can I say I like to be comfortable when at home? Slippers have become a staple piece of my lounging attire. The latest pair to join my collection has been the classic Ugg Slippers*, I'm a sucker for the moccasin style and adore the detailing. Even though they are geared towards indoor wear you can wear them outdoors in dry conditions, so great if you don't fancy taking them off to do your food shop. In combination with a pair of fluffy socks your feet are in for a real treat as the sheepskin lining makes them unbelievably warm. 

What your favourite things for A/W?

R x

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