The Lip Balms That Actually Work

Finding a lip balm that actually works is a surprisingly difficult task. I need something that is really going to battle dry chapped lips instead of just making them look shiny (ahem Vaseline). I've tried and tested so many all at different price points. Ranging from the really pricey to the dirt cheap. So here are the lip balms that actually do what they're meant to. 

DIOR CREME DE ROSE: Let's get the most expensive option out of the way first shall we? This seems to have been discontinued in the UK which breaks my materialistic heart. It's such a beautiful balm, I usually reserve it for an overnight option as it's just so hydrating. Like the name suggests it's a rose scented balm, but it's the perfect rose if you ask me. It's fresh and never errs on the elderly lady side. 

NUXE REVE DE MIEL: I'm all out of this hence why it's not been photographed, but if you've not tried this cult product you should. I might be so bold to say that this is my favourite lip balm out of the bunch. This isn't like your run of the mill balm because it's a thick matte consistency. It smells absolutely heavenly, like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I'm pretty sure this balm could tackle any dryness with ease. It's another overnight option for me but it's awesome used under matte lipsticks.

ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 HOUR BALM: This is my do it all balm. If I've got any dryness, sores and patches of flaky skin I apply this and it sorts out the issue. Some can't abide the smell of this but I personally love it, I can't quite explain why but I do. I will admit that it's not the nicest consistency to apply, especially in the summer when the tube has got it a little warm so beware of the goop. As well it being an awesome multipurpose balm it also makes for a fantastic cheek highlight. 

EPIC BLEND HEMP COCONUT BALM*: My go to when I'm on the go as it's in a hygienic twist up packaging. It's super smoothing on the lips and the coconut scent is pretty dreamy. Not an option to go underneath lipstick as it does make the lips quite slippy but if you're just in need of good balm it's a great option. I personally like to keep one of these in my gym bag as the air con dries my lips out like crazy. 

KORESS JASMINE LIP BUTTER: I've proclaimed my love for these little pots of joy many times. They come in a bunch of different shades but just for everyday use I've been reaching for the Jasmine shade. They smell absolutely divine, it takes a lot of self-restraint not to lick them off as soon as you apply them. The formulation isn't buttery like the name suggests, they're in fact quite glossy and slightly slippy in consistency. The colour pay off is sheer but the hydrating benefits are some of the best that I've found in the tinted balm variety. 

LIZ EARLE SUPERBALM*: Another do it all wonder product. Formulated of natural wax and plant oils. What I love about this balm, in particular, is that it feels slightly exfoliating which helps to buff away any dry patches. You can use this on pretty much any area that is dry so it's so handy to have around. I've been using this on my feet [and toes ew] lately as they've become particularly dehydrated in the summer. 

FRESH SUGAR LIPBALMS: You're probably thinking 'we get it, Rebecca, you really love those balms'. You would be right, I do  really love them. They're incredible and by far the best tinted balm I've ever used. They behave like a lipstick but are so hydrating on the lips you wouldn't know that contained any colour pigment. I'll leave my love letter to the Fresh balms here for this post before you all get bored. 

SOAP & GLORY SMOOCH OPERATOR*: I wasn't expecting this balm to be as good as it is. It's been saving my chapped summer skin like nothing else. It's a little thicker in consistency so needs warming up a little before applying. It's the perfect day or night option as it adds a pretty sheen to the lips without being sticky. The only niggle I do have with this is that you don't get a whole lot of product. 

BEEESSENTIAL ROSE & MINT BALM*: Another stick option which is a little thicker in consistency than the Epic Blend option. If you're a fan of the Burt's Bees lip balm then you're bound to love this. Rose and mint are one of my favourite flavour combinations and one that should be used more often in my opinion. It's a really good one to apply during the day when you're wearing some sort of lipstick and it creates a great base whilst still being hydrating.

What are your favourite balms?

R x

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