The Never Ending Quest To Find The One: Beauty Edition


When I was doing my makeup a few days ago, I glanced down at the products I was using and it made me think about all of the other beauty items that I've loved over the years. And they are obviously something that I've spoken about on the blog time and time again but so often they're not something I return back to. 90% of the fun of beauty products is trying out something new and discovering new shades and formulations so is there really any need to stay loyal to just one thing? I'm not so sure and here are the products that I'm totally digging right now...


BECCA FIRST LIGHT PRIMING FILTER*: I'd heard quite a lot about this primer from various people online but never seen anything about the purple shade. Which aims to brighten the skin without the need of shimmer or glitter and neutralises any sallow tones. Don't worry about it being pretty opaque when you pump it out either the lilac shade applies completely sheer so you don't have a purple tinge to your skin. It wakes up the complexion with ease and fakes a really good nights sleep as well as a creating a smooth even canvas for makeup. It doesn't work wonders in terms of improving the longevity of your base but for helping the overall appearance of the skin it's fantastic. And it smells like lemon sweets which is an added bonus however if you're a fan of that if not, you might kinda hate it.

BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL CONCEALER*: As of right now, I'm not suffering from any blemishes so I've not needed an overall concealer for a few weeks. But I'm still reaching for is something to swipe on under the eyes to brighten the area. The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is the perfect tone for under my eyes to disguise any darkness and add light to the area but it's not so overwhelming that you end with the reverse panda look. The formulation is so soft and creamy, it's a little thicker than your standard liquid concealer but I like that as it is so hydrating it does feel super comforting under the eye. For so long I skipped concealer under the eye but now I'm regularly using it I can see how much of a difference it makes with my overall appearance.


YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ELCAT FOUNDATION*: If you've been a long time reader of this blog then you will know how much I absolutely love this foundation. Well, the original formulation of this foundation as they have re-released it and changed it slightly. It still offers up the same beautiful luminosity and I always think it's like buffing in a good nights sleep onto the complexion. The new version does offer up a little more coverage which I like and the staying power is a little better [I never struggled with the old version that much]. As the weather has been a little hard to judge I find that my skin tends to be little more dehydrated than usual and this so comforting on the complexion. There is something so special about YSL foundations that is difficult to articulate, they're something you just have to try for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. Of course, they're pricey but I always like to spend a little more on my base and I truly believe you get what you pay for with YSL. 

BAREMINERALS ORIGINAL FOUNDATION*: 2017 has definitely been the year that I really discovered mineral powder and how to properly use them. The key is to really work with the product and blend thoroughly into your skin [I've never found it to disturb any product underneath]. You might be under the impression that mineral powder would be terrible on dry skin but this feels wonderful, so comforting. I love to use this in combination with whatever liquid base I'm using [although it can be worn alone] and it provides such a beautiful soft focus flawless finish. It is a loose powder so you do have to be careful when applying it as it can fly everywhere if you're not careful. I'm currently not using a powder and using this in place of that and I find it gives me a little more of a softer look to the skin as even the best powders can sometimes run the risk of making the complexion look a little drab.

PIXI BEAUTY BLUSH DUO*: Whilst the weather might a little more autumnal than I'd like I'm still clinging to the idea of having an Indian Summer and this pick from Pixi is the perfect cheek product. It's nothing like anything else I own as it's a soft shimmery peach with a highlighter on the other side of it. I like to swirl my brush around in this product and it gives the most beautiful glow and a hint of tint to the cheek. In combination with a champagne eye, it's so dreamy and so easy to wear on a day to day basis. It's a really soft powder which is awesome as it does contain shimmer and that's something that can easily sit in the pores and drag the complexion down. 


TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: I probably don't need to even talk about this as it's something that I've mentioned time and time again. I always use this eyeshadow primer when applying something else on my lids as it not only creates a smooth even canvas but it also helps any shadow adhere to the lid and even with super cheap shadows it minimises creasing and maximises wear time.


TARTELETTE IN BLOOM PALETTE*: I received this palette way back in May I believe and it's something that I've regularly picked used every since. Most of the time to make the most of that huge mirror but it's something that I love to use as it has everything I need from lid colours to a brow shade. If I ever want to sweep something through the crease there is the perfect mauve shade and then, of course, some really beautiful everyday champagne offerings. Funny Girl is my all time favourite shade to wear, such a beautiful soft golden glitter. I've always heard so much about Tarte's eyeshadow options and I totally understand what all the fuss is about now. They're incredibly soft upon application which makes them an absolute breeze to apply onto the lid and blend in but they're not so buttery that they just fall down onto the skin. However, be aware that there is some kick off when getting the product onto the brush but it's not something that happens upon application to the skin. 

TARTE LIGHTS, CAMERAS, LASHES MASCARA*: My current mascara of choice is actually missing from these photographs as to be really honest I couldn't bare to photograph the gaudy faux snake skin packaging. Yes, I am very shallow when it comes to my blog images. Normally Tarte nails it when it comes to packaging but not this time. Anyway, upon first use of this mascara, I really didn't like it and it has quite the cult following too but as soon as it dried out a little the more and more I've fallen for it. It's nothing fancy in terms of brush design but it has a really great formulation and it gives me everything that I need from lift to separation to volume it does it all. And it doesn't smudge or smear on the lid nor is it a nightmare to remove either. I'm not sure it's something that I'd go for again as it is quite pricey and I'm not sure it's any better than my beloved Maybelline lash sensational but it's still really nice to use and delivers everything I want right now.

EYE OF HORUS BROW FIBRE EXTEND*: I've been wanting to seek out an alternative to my beloved YSL Lash Couture for a while and I think I've found it. My current brow tamer of choice is from Eye of Horus, it's vegan and cruelty-free which is an extra added bonus to it being an awesome product. It fills in any sparse areas, suits my brunette tresses without leaning too red or too ashy and holds my brow in place all day without becoming crispy. I use this after I've used powder in my brows just to finish them off but it could easily be used alone to fill in any areas that need it.


What are your current beauty favourites?

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