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When I first started blogging the type of nude lipstick that was popular was almost a creamy brown, it wasn't a good look for me. Thankfully we've moved on from those days and the type of nude that is popular at the moment is a brown based pink, it's very 90's/Rachael in early episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It's totally my kind of shade and it's something that I find incredibly flattering, so I've rounded up my favourites to share with you today. 

POP BEAUTY PERMANENT POUT IN RAZZLE ROSE*: These are a new release from the Pop Beauty line and the shade Razzle Rose is absolutely beautiful. It's similar to blush shades like Nars Douceur and Tarte Exposed. So if you love those shades as much as I do then this is probably going to be a lip product that you'll love. They've been formulated with a crazy long lasting finish. But when first applied they're like any typical liquid lipstick and have an almost satin finish. But when completely dried they're a matte that isn't going anywhere, even if you touch your lips this won't rub off.  Good lip prep is necessary when wearing a lip product with a formula like this otherwise the product will sink in and settle into any fine lines of the lips.  Although they're a long-lasting matte they don't feel too uncomfortable on the lips which can often be the issue with that type of formula. 

PERRICONE MD NO LIPGLOSS LIPGLOSS*: Typical lip glosses have never been my type of thing, I don't like anything that is tacky or sticky or high maintenance. But the Perricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss aren't really like a lipgloss, they're much more like a sheer lipstick in their finish and formulation. They have a very kind and forgiving formula on the lips and they glide over any imperfections and don't highlight any dry areas. As well as being kind to the lips they're also so lightweight that it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything which in the summer months is a great feeling. They only have one shade in the line at the moment which is a subtle rose colour which can be layered up so you can wear it in more of a sheer fashion or build it up to an opaque colour. 

REVLON MATTE BALM IN SULTRY: This was the shade that kick started my entire love for the brown based pinky nude. The formulation of the matte balms is absolutely beautiful and they're an absolute to breeze to work with due to their twist up mechanism packaging and the chubby pencil shape. Their name is a little misleading as I don't find these to be matte on the lips at all, they're much more of a satin formulation. So they're long lasting without that uncomfortable drying feeling that matte lip products can often have.  For a high street product, I think the quality of the matte balms is absolutely fantastic and they're worthy of a much higher price tag. The only thing you have to be careful of is that you don't work down the point of the product as you cannot sharpen them and you still want to maintain that sharp edge to be able to achieve a precise finish.  

COLOURED RAINE MATTE LIQUID PAINT IN MARS*: If you're a lover of matte lip products then the lip paints from Coloured Raine might be worth looking into. The formulation is incredibly long lasting and really won't budge unless you're using something like a micellar water or something oil based to shift it. So if you're someone who likes to apply their lip product in the morning and not have to worry about it budging, slipping or sliding around then this will a product that will become a firm staple in your beauty routine. Once applied they set down incredibly quickly which is ideal if you're a well-experienced liquid lip product user. But if you're not then keep a Q-tip with some makeup remover close to by to try and fix any mistakes. The shade Mars* is one of the darkest nudes that I've got in my collection so it makes quite a statement and I've found is best worn with minimal eye makeup and a light blusher. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL: Of course, I couldn't write an entire post about my favourite nude[ish] lip options without talking about my most worn and most loved lip product of all time. My adoration for the Fresh Sugar lip balms has been well noted on this blog but just in case you've not caught any of my previous love notes to the product here is a quick run down. The shade Petal instantly adds a warm toned pink tone the lips whilst perfecting and filling out your natural lip shape without the need for obvious overdrawing. And of course, the formulation of these balms is truly wonderful as they inject so much moisture to lips it's almost hard to believe that these also contain such a strong colour pigment. 

PIXI MATTE LUSTRE LIPSTICK IN HONEY BARE*: This lip option took me a few tries to love but now it's become a staple in my nude lip library. The Matte Lustre finish is not quite anything else I've used before but it's such a great formulation if you like your lipsticks to stay put and wear evenly but not quite settle down on the lips. So for that reason, it's not the most incredible for staying put but as it wears down evenly on the lips it means that it's easy to touch up without dragging around any lip product that's been left behind. The shade Honey Love is the epitome of a brown based pink and has the ability to look flattering on a number of different skin tones. 

What's your favourite brown based pink nude?

R x

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