The Only Type Of Eyeshadow I Reach For & How To Get It To Stick Around


Something that has been very consistent throughout all my time writing this blog is that I'm a big fan of one wash wonder eyeshadows. You know the type of shadow I'm talking about, they're a lazy girl's best friend and make achieving a beautiful eye look very easy. And whenever I wear makeup I without fail will reach for this type of shadow. So over the years, I've honed in on what the best ones are and yes, they are all on the champagne spectrum.


making your eyeshadow stick around 

Although my skin is nowhere near as oily as it used to be something I still struggle with is oily eyelids. Which makes wearing any type of eyeshadow ever so slightly problematic, especially cheaper shadows as they tend to melt away from the eye or crease horribly. So making sure that my eyeshadow sticks around is integral to my makeup looks and there are a few things I've found that help me to do this;


The fact that some people don't even apply foundation on their eyelids always amazes me but I do as my eye area is slightly discoloured so I need something to help it look as even as possible. I used to just apply powder on my chin, around my nose and under the eyes but now I make sure to apply it on my lids too. It helps everything stay around a lot longer and with the right powder, it's comfortable throughout the day.


Of course, I absolutely love any type of primer but it took me a while to come around to the idea of eyeshadow primer. And I'm sure there are plenty out there that are a complete faff and waste of time but the Too Faced Champagne Shadow Insurance is not one of those items. Although I do believe it's been sadly discontinued now which pains me as it's SUCH a good product, they still have the regular version but as we all know I'm a sucker for a champagne eye. Anyway, one of the biggest reasons that I love this product so much is that it creates a smooth even base for any other shadow as well as neutralising the colour of the lid. Your shadow almost adheres to the lid and ever since I've started to use this I've never really struggled with my shadows creasing, even when their formulation isn't that good. It doesn't interfere with the colour of the shadow that you're applying either even though it does have a slightly golden tone which enables you to wear this alone if you so wished. 


These two products are something that can most definitely be used alone but I love to use them underneath shadows to not only keep the shadow around longer but to add more depth to the eye too. The budget option is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil* in the shade Yoghurt and the high-end option is the Nars Velvet Shadow Stick* in Hollywoodland. Both smooth eyeshadow sticks that glide onto the eye, deposit colour and then they both settle down onto the lid to a dry but comforting finish. They're both so easy to use and are a great fuss-free product that can be used without a brush, making them ideal for on the go.



STILA all over shimmer duo - kitten*

I mentioned this lovely duo in a post recently and spoke about just how much I was loving it regardless of the fact that it's not actually meant for the eyes. It's a cheek duo which I'm sure would look beautiful on the skin but I absolutely love it all over the eye as a one wash champagne wonder. You can either mix the two shades together depending on what tone you prefer or use them each separately, personally, I really like to mix them. They're both shimmery but the good type of shimmer that adds dimension to the eye but doesn't fall down onto the cheek which is a real pain. Of course, much like every other Stila product I've used the formulation is superb and the price point is comfortable too.


BURBERRY Pale barley*

Possibly one of the most expensive products I own. And typically I'm not into single pot eyeshadows as the ease of a palette where I've got a shade for my eyebrows is something I generally find myself gravitating towards instead. However, for a one wash wonder that isn't a bog standard champagne and is a bronze that doesn't make your eye look like there is something wrong with it Pale Barley* is my go to. It's a taupe shimmer that adds depth and definition to the eye without multiple layers of shadow and it's buttery soft to apply. I typically use a fluffy brush to apply my shadows but I find something that is flat and dense works way better but as it's not your typical shadow formulation you may be able to apply and blend this with your finger too. This shade is still neutral enough to be worn on a daily basis but it definitely does make more of a statement than your typical golden champagne. 


Although MAC is an obvious go-to for so many of us when it comes to eyeshadow it's not without good reason and they're superb. The shades Naked Lunch and Shroom have been in my collection for years and they're something I still reach for all these years later. Naked Lunch is the perfect champagne for my skin tone, it doesn't lean too much towards the pink or the yellow side of the spectrum and it's just a beautiful neutral shade. Then Shroom is a shimmery vanilla shade that is very light so it might look too stark on some skin tones but it works well for me. The shades are not only lovely but the formulation is solid and never something I have an issue with. As MAC allows you to create a custom palette with the choice of a huge array of shades it's a great go to if you know you want a small selection of shades in your makeup wardrobe that you know you'll get a good amount of use from that aren't horribly overpriced. 

TARTElette In Bloom Palette*

The Tarte Tartlette In Bloom* palette is something that I received last year and it's been a staple in my makeup bag ever since. It's hands down one of the best palettes I've ever used as it's so versatile and none of the shades are too out there and completely unusable for a neutral lover like myself. It's one of the only items that I've ever written a dedicated review on which you can read here as it's way more in depth and gives you a solid rundown of all the shades. The reason why I've included it in this post is that it's a palette that has an array of shades that make beautiful one wash wonders as well as working perfectly with the other options in the palette so a really versatile item. Tarte shadows are absolutely superb and apply like an absolute dream making it well worth the investment. 


What are your favourite eyeshadows?

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