9 Things I Loved In March


Something new that I'm going to try and do every month on this blog is share everything that I used the most, did and generally loved in those 30 days. I'm not somebody who has ever properly partaken in the whole monthly favourites trend in blogging as I don't change up things that often and I never want to force things for the sake of content so this format works way better for me and my creature of habit ways. March was an unusual month for me as I took a few weeks away from my somewhat normal routine so I got to do a few things that I don't typically do and here is everything I enjoyed in March. 



This is almost laughable really because the weather is absolutely foul and there is more chance of it snowing [it did actually snow whilst I was writing this post] then there is of it being sunny. Because why would it be sunny in spring? Still, I'm pulling out my spring wardrobe as I truly don't know how long I can keep on wearing the same set of jumpers on rotation. I never used to tidy away my spring wardrobe as it wasn't that different but last year I made the effort to differentiate the two and I don't think I could stare at my collection of beautiful midi dresses when it was -6 outside. I've not moved anything onto my clothing rail just yet but I've been putting everything out onto hangers and ironing it all which has certainly put a little pep in my step. It's almost like shopping your own wardrobe when you get to switch seasons and the excitement of wearing midi dresses is something I can barely handle. As much as I love my chunky knits and my Barbour jacket I'd really like the option to wear something else. 


I fell a little bit out of love with burning candles, especially after leaving giant soot marks all over my room at my dad's house. So I sought after other ways to scent my home and those are still things that I do now but I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for candles. There is something so special about lighting a candle and feeling it filling the room with its sweet aroma and with all the dire weather that we've had at the moment in the UK it's really nice to have that comfort. A few favourites that I've burnt have been from DW Home*, a brand that can be found in the likes of T K Maxx and Homesense as well as a lovely candle from Ted Baker* that is currently making my living room smell absolutely divine.

rollercoaster tycoon

I have no idea how my boyfriend and our good friend managed to get the original Rollercoaster Tycoon game onto my MacBook but they did and it's been glorious. I'm not somebody who is all that into playing games but when I was a teenager there were certain games that I loved and Rollercoaster Tycoon was one of them, and The Sims which is a truly wonderful game. I think as a nation we deem playing games as silly and childish but it's something I've really enjoyed. I think we all need something that can really help switch our brains off and that is what playing a game is for me. I've spoken before about how anxious my mind is and I find it really hard to dull those thoughts. And even though I loved taking time off I was starting to feel incredibly anxious about doing so and a couple of hours playing a game that reminds me of my childhood really helped me get things under control. 

getting my nails done

For so long I did my own manicures as I didn't really see the point of paying someone else to do what I could do at home. But I've been getting my nails done by my best friends sister and it's been absolutely glorious. It's something I not only find ridiculously relaxing but it's really helped me to stop chewing the skin on the side of my fingers which when I'm anxious is one of my worst habits and I've made such a mess of them so many times. My hands have never looked better and it's been such a nice little treat to myself.  



I'm sure like most people in my generation we can remember watching the cult classic American sitcom on E4 every single day and its hands down one of my favourite shows ever created. It was recently put on to UK Netflix and my boyfriend and I immediately started to rewatch it, we're not great at watching things together as our schedules conflict so much I'm watching it solo now. Rewatching the show now is so different to watching it when I was a teenager and some of the jokes certainly haven't aged well but at the time this was created it tackled some incredibly controversial issues. And even though some of the jokes haven't aged too well at all it's still a show I adore and it's almost a comfort blanket watch. As I don't need to focus on it and can have it on in the background whilst I'm pottering around the house or editing photographs.



Having a boyfriend who is a musician and tours for a living means that I see the world of live music in a completely different light and I have to say it's dulled the sparkle for me. When I was younger I went to a lot of gigs and it was something I really enjoyed. But the older I got I fell out of the habit of it and the only shows I go to now are my boyfriends when he's in the area or it's a really important show for him. Anyway, in March or maybe it was the end of February we headed to Birmingham to see Jamie Lenman play. I haven't been to a metal show in around 10 years or so and it's safe to say this show completely rekindled my love for them. Not only was the show incredible and gave me that buzz that only live music can give you but the crowd was one of the best I've ever been a part of. If all crowds could everyone their own personal space it would certainly make shows more enjoyable for everyone involved. 


I'm guessing the majority of people reading this will know that Josie is my dog. She turned one in March and I already know there are people out there thinking, is your dogs birthday really that much of a big deal? And, yes to me it really is. Having a dog that is 100% my responsibility is something that has been a big thing for me and getting to enjoy her company every day is something I look forward to when I wake up. Having a puppy certainly isn't as dreamy as people make it out to be, they can be little devils when they want to be and Josie has certainly had to her moments. But of course, the positives completely outweigh the negatives. We got her when she 10 weeks old so seeing her grow up and become the wonderful pup she is today has been so special. Last week we ran [quite literally] into some whippets on our walk and Josie has only ever got to play with another whippet once. It was incredible to see her with them as whippets definitely have their own unique way of playing and she loves being in a pack of dogs so much. We're desperate to get another whippet but it's not quite the right time for us yet, we're also hoping to adopt this time as we've had sighthound experience which a lot of centres require when it comes to this breed of dogs.


Am I really writing how much I love broccoli in a blog post? Yes, yes I am. When I made the transition to vegetarianism nearly two years ago something amazing that happened is that it really tackled my food phobias. A topic that I've never really tackled on this blog but when it came to trying a new food it made me incredibly anxious and scared so I stuck to the same things again and again. But when I removed meat from my diet I had to try new things and something I fell in love with last year was roasted crispy broccoli. Drizzled with either a smidge of oil or honey then coated in garlic salt is my favourite way to eat it and it's the perfect side for most things in my diet.

organising & life admin

Whether it's my finances or my inbox, I get a big kick out of organising things and because it's spring clean season and the end of the financial year I've been on an even bigger organisation spree. I must have mentioned it before but something that helps me feel calm is knowing what is going on in my life and knowing exactly what needs doing. It enables me to go through life ever so slightly less anxious and anything that can help me with that is great. However, something I do struggle with is always making the time for these tasks as some things do take up a big chunk of time. So I've been chipping away at all of them each day and I finally feel on top of things at the moment. Maybe I'll even get my tax return done early [that's some wishful thinking right there].


What did you love in March?