The Outdoor Lovers Guide To Coats


We all have our vices in life and my vice is coats. As well as a penchant for beauty products the thing that I really love to spend my money on is coats, and of course they're not a wasteful purchase as they're not something that can go off so it's not the worst vice to have but sadly I can't wear them all at once. And something that I've loved to purchase over the last couple of years is coats designed for the great outdoors and I've quickly discovered what is good and what isn't and here are my favourites for the majority of the seasons.



The classic parka is something that I've come back to time and time again over the years and they're a true classic for anyone's winter wardrobe. Typically most parka options available on the high street look nice but they're never that warm and rarely waterproof which means if you get caught in the rain you turn into a sodden mess instantly. And there is nothing worse than having to put a wet coat back on. 

This years option comes from Craghoppers, which if you hadn't guessed is a brand that I've really fallen for lately. And their coats come with a warmth rating, the Josefine jacket is rated at a 7 so the warmest that they do. The faux fur that covers the hood inside and on the trim goes inside the coat too and cocoons you in warmth. When we get into January and February which are always the coldest months in the UK I know this will keep me so warm and the fact it has multiple pockets makes the dog walker in me so happy. 



Puffer jackets aren't something that I ever thought that I would be drawn to. They were popular when I was a kid and never thought they would come back around. But they have in a big way, I had one last year that is more of a fashion option but this is one totally meant to be outdoors in the elements. The weather constantly changes in the UK and sometimes in A/W it can be as warm as 14 degrees and as a low as -6 which can make dressing hard.

For the days where it's still cold but I don't want to wear something thick and heavy this is what I reach for. It's absolutely perfect for dog walks, taking away the chill of the breeze and keeping me insulated as well as obviously keeping me dry too. I always thought that to be warm that you had to wear the thickest items you could find but that isn't the case now. This coat is so lightweight and doesn't make you feel at all like Michelin Man which can easily happen in A/W.



For years, I wanted a Barbour but I could never get myself to spend the money on a single item. They're incredibly expensive but if there is one thing I know about Barbour coats is that they're an investment and you keep them for many, many years. For a good all-rounder coat then a Barbour is your best bet and it's completely waterproof. 

My Barbour doesn't have any lining so when it's really cold [below 5 degrees] without a tonne of layers you cannot wear this in the depths of winter. But for all the other seasons you're good to go and it's something that can be dressed up or down. They're a British style classic and one that I finally understand why they come so highly rated by people that own them.  If you're not somebody who spends a lot of time outside and just need something to keep away the rain and keep you warm as well as well styled they're perfect. 



This is the coat I purchased earlier in the year as it's something that I could wear for dog walks and in the city too. So often when a coat is meant for the outdoors it can be a little frumpy and bulky but that isn't the case anymore and I love the attention to detail on this coat and just how well thought out the design is. 

Like I mentioned earlier all Craghoppers coats have a warmth rating and this is a 6 so it's perfect for everyday wear and in combination with a good thermal you could happily wear this in the depths of winter when the weather takes your breath away. It's waterproof and windproof which are two things I believe are key when it comes to A/W wear. And what makes this coat just that bit better is the fact that it has thermal pockets which is a complete game changer if you have the habit of forgetting your gloves like I do. 



All the other coat options in this post are more geared towards being outdoors a lot. But if you still want something warm [and somewhat practical] but don't spend a lot of time outside then I loved my puffer coat from Topshop last year.

It's very thick and sturdy which isn't typically the case when it comes to more fashion-led brands but this keeps me seriously warm. The downfall is that it doesn't have many pockets and it's not great in the rain but as a general day to day A/W coat, it's ideal. The faux fur hood is what I adore about this coat, it's absolutely huge and can double up a pillow quite easily. This is the more fashionable answer to the puffer coat trend and one I absolutely love. 

What are your favourite coat styles to go for?

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