A Sensible Tech Lovers Purchase & Something You Can Win



My love for beauty products and stationery is well known around this part of the internet. But something you may not know is that I have quite a serious love for tech and tech accessories. Ever since I got my first iPhone back in 2009 I've absolutely adored exploring the different world of cases and my latest discovery is a practical number that isn't hideous which isn't always easy to find. I'll admit it, I like my tech to look nice but I know that practicality should come before anything else but this time I feel like I've got both and here are the details as well as a little giveaway in time for the festive season....


A brand that I've dabbled in over the years especially for my laptop protection is Tech 21. And they've recently released a new range of iPhone cases just in time for the drop of the 8 and the X they're designed to protect your tech drop after drop. Of course, none of us want to drop our beloved tech products but it happens and then we all know the stomach-sinking emotion that comes with turning your phone over to check that it's not smashed to smithereens. These new cases are designed with 3 layer protection of FlexShock which is something unique to Tech 21. And the design is very simple and minimal, I went for a clear design to show the colour of my phone as typically it's always covered up and it's nice to show it off a little. And even though it's such a protective case it's still slimline and chic to the touch. It doesn't feel clunky or bulky in your pocket which is something that is so important to me as so often I put my phone in my coat pocket and I don't want anything super heavy but I still want to the protection. As I'm outside so often and have dropped way phone way too much when walking Josie so I need a sturdy case. 


For a long time, I was never without a screen cover on my phone. But I never really invested a lot of money in one so they were always pretty rubbish and would leave a weird finish over my screen and things never looked right and they would always peel up at the side. Enter the Impact Shield from Tech 21* which is designed with polymer which smoothes over any scratches as well as keeping your screen as clear as it is without any protection. 

I'm pretty terrible at throwing my phone in my bag without a second thought for what it might be touching and I've paid the consequences for it as now it's scratched. So this is helping prevent any other damage to my screen and you can barely notice it on and like I said it's so crystal clear. These are the things that in reality when you pay out a little more [been there, bought cheap and they don't last] you're not having to replace over and over again and you can live happily knowing that your precious tech is protected.



Are you a sucker for tech too?

- this post was produced in collaberation with Tech 21 -

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