The Pros & Cons Of Daily Blogging

As I've been producing daily content for around 18 months or so I feel like I really understand the process of it. Personally, I love producing daily blog posts, it's pushed me to work so much harder as well as a bunch of other positive aspects to blogging but there are a few cons that come along with it and I wanted to share both sides of the coin with you today.  


  1. It's instantly rewarding.
  2. You don't run out of idea's, you actually get more. 
  3. It teaches you what content you're truly passionate about. 
  4. You hone in on your strengths and weaknesses. 
  5. It teaches you great time management skills.


It's rare as bloggers we get to talk about our posting schedule, but I love posting every single day. Of course, there will be a time where I probably won't want to but for right now I absolutely adore it. I'd been blogging every other day consistently for around 8 months or so before deciding I wanted to create daily content. It was a super easy decision, my mind was full of ideas and I really missed blogging on the days that I didn't publish anything so it just felt like a natural decision to increase my posting schedule. 

Daily content is something that has really worked for me and my blog, but it's not for everyone. I often think people wonder if they have to post daily to build a following and it's not true. Of course, writing a blog means that I read blogs to. It's not a blogs posting schedule that attracts me to it, it's high-quality content and a little bit of personality too. It's super easy to feel the pressure when it comes to blogging, but you have to do it in a way that works for you and your schedule. 


  1. It's addictive.  
  2. As rewarding as it can be it's hard work. 
  3. You lose track of the posts that you've written before. 


Personally, there are really are no big negatives when it comes to daily content. The biggest hurdle to overcome is not letting your posts become stagnant and I know I've fallen into that trap a few times. Coming up with fresh and innovative ideas every single day isn't easy by any means but I still try and give my blog as much as I possibly can. Another con I've found that posting so much is that you get very little breathing room between content. Of course, I choose my posting schedule so this isn't a complaint by any means it's more just an observation. 

What are your thoughts on daily content?

R x

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