The September Style Diary

September has passed us by so quickly that I can hardly believe we're in October. I've been adding a few new additions to my wardrobe lately as I felt like I was in a real style slump as it had been a while since I added anything new. And there is always something so nice about a new piece that can work the rest of your wardrobe to freshen it up. So in today's post, I'm sharing those new pieces as well as how I've been styling them. 


I live in the UK so I feel like I don't need to explain why a rain coat is an excellent purchase. If you're at all familiar with my style content you will be all too aware that anything that's brightly coloured is pretty much a no go. But there is just something about a yellow rain coat that feels different to me. It doesn't feel scary and weirdly doesn't make me look ill which is usually the case when it comes to the sunshine shade. Plus with a striped hood, it's not all that far away from what I like in my clothes. Styling this is oddly easy as you can for something completely plain and simple underneath like leggings and an oversized knit but because the coat is quite the statement it instantly makes it look more styled. 


Oh, these shoes have quite the story behind them. I stood and debated buying them for nearly an hour with my best friend [the enabler of all enablers]. Walked away but then had to go back and pick them up because I just couldn't stop thinking about them [a good test to see if you really want something]. I've always wanted to wear heels during the day but never quite had the right style to do. And these shoes are an absolute dream, the perfect heel height and the prettiest shade of blush. But don't let them fool you because only an hour into wearing them I was left with bleeding heels and blisters so severe they then became infected. So from now I'll just have to sit and gaze at them until I feel ready to tackle wearing them again. 


Mens knitwear is always my go to because it's much longer in length, thicker and generally higher in quality. It pains me that female knitwear is always cropped or ridiculously thin which just isn't acceptable in Winter or really the point of a jumper. I mean who wants to bare their stomach in freezing temperatures? A near white knit is a risky colour to go for but it's such a classic and it goes with just about anything else you might own. H&M is always one of my favourite places to shop as I find their clothes to last well and they're not terribly expensive. I don't have a huge budget for clothes but I don't like to shop in places like Primark as they're pieces just don't last so H&M is a great option for me. 


If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram you probably won't be aware of my current obsession with Gilmore Girls. And the Borg jacket is a key piece in Rory & Lorelai's wardrobe. I owned one of these jackets years ago and they are the perfect Autumn wardrobe staple as they're lined so it's like you're wrapping a duvet around yourself. I picked mine up from Tesco after hunting around everywhere else on the high street. I'm quite a petite frame and I don't like jackets to swamp me as I find them to be pretty unflattering and this one is slightly oversized but it's still fitted and just the right shade of denim. I've said it before many times but Tesco is one of my favourite places to pick up clothes as they always fit me well, last and aren't extortionately priced. 


What did you wear in September?

R x

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